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Yes, this IS our Christmas card photo.

Thanks Jennifer Rustgi Photography!

Some stuff

Tickets are still available for MomCom in January 2014. You can rub elbows with Glennon Melton of Momastery, Karen Walrond from Chookooloonks, Meredith Walker from Amy Pohler’s Smart Girls, and many more amazing speakers. And me.

Two ladies I’m proud to call friends were named in the Babble Top 100 bloggers of 2013: Wendi Aarons in humor and Kristin Shaw in love & relationships. Both very well deserved, and now I feel famous by proxy!


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Traditional cards or photo cards? I had a good conversation with some blog friends about this. I’ve done photo cards, but I’m traditional at heart. That being said, I know how much thought goes into photo cards, and I adore them. I just love cards.

This could be the not-so-distant future.

One sentence movie reviews.

31 Days of Cookies! It’s a free download!

Me, elsewhere:

On AllParenting, I talk about how families can survive the holidays when they have a little one in the NICU.

On a similar topic, I also give tips on how friends and family can ease holiday stress for those who have a baby in the hospital.

Looking for ways to give this holiday season?


MomCom link is an affiliate.

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  1. I love the photo!
    I have never sent photo cards before – I guess back in the day when I was still sending actual cards, they weren’t a thing. Regardless, I love receiving cards, traditional or not.

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