finding a good after school routine

I told you guys that if I ever found a successful post-kindergarten day routine, I would shout it from the rooftops. Well here I am! Shouting! On rooftops! Also, this post is kinda long, but with GIFs! Kindergarten life should always be described with GIFs. We’ve gone through a great many phases of change from […]

Yes, please, bring all the ailments

I am currently suffering from ginormous snot globules stuck in my face (cedar fever) and excruciating back/leg/butt pain (sciatica). My days look something like this: Wake up. Attempt to sniffle, but nose is completely blocked. Smack completely dry lips around cottony mouth and take a swig of water that almost helps the parch.¬†Swallow water, which […]

2013 Recap

I know what you’re thinking. 2013 is over, time to move on, but here’s the thing. I love recaps, and I love answering questions about myself. And I’ve been so consumed with sickness the past week or so that my plans on wrapping up 2013 before 2013 actually ended went awry. And I found this […]