it’s all stir crazy up in here!

I’m crawling out of a hole. The hole of sick and cold and bored and crazy.

Last week Rachel was diagnosed with the flu, an ear infection, and strep all at once. It was super fun. $205 later and all the kids were on Tamiflu and she was on an extra antibiotic.

One by one, people went down. Christian got the flu. Claire got the half-flu, thanks to the medicine. I got a sore throat and felt a little crappy, but the universe knows that the mom can’t get sick, so my body stubbornly fought it off. Zoe remained obliviously well and healthy, which is good. There’s nothing sadder than a sick 3 year old.

And the cat got sick, which just made sense, because I had been looking for a reason to cry tears of rage and exhaustion and pity. For the entire week I deftly juggled Clorox and Resolve and Tylenol and Motrin.

Oh, it’s been all kinds of stir crazy up in here. We didn’t go outside for days. DAYS. I donned extended wearings of my pajamas, not even bothering to change between sleeping and waking, only removing my jacket to sleep. It wasn’t until I noticed something crusty on the sleeve that I really started to question how long it had been since I had actually changed my clothes. The entire ensemble had become a part of me. My pajama pants? They got me.

Not only have we been going stir crazy, some of us have been going just plain crazy, with fits of roid rage from the Tamiflu. Come get your twice daily dose of crazy, kids! I don’t know how many times I had to remind myself that it wasn’t Rachel screaming obscenities* at me because I wouldn’t let her play with her tablet. It was those damn, wonderful, terrible, flu killing meds.


Today everyone was well. And it was super cold, temps in the 40s but with a wicked wind chill, so super cold to us Texans. We’re desperately trying to enforce certain times for electronic devices, so there weren’t many options, other than playing with each other, or, I don’t know, ALL THE TOYS YOU JUST GOT? YOU KNOW, THE PRESENTS? THE SANTA? ANYONE? We finally took down Christmas, so that provided some mild entertainment (set them down gently! GENTLY!). But that still left endless hours stretched before us in this day of cold and hell and boredom and apparent new toy amnesia.

Pirate Pig Attack? NO.

Hungry Hungry Hippos? NO!


Well, that settles it, then. Have fun flailing on the floor!

We finally braved the cold to go to Target and Best Buy for headphones, came home, started a movie, and I promptly went to take a nap. Hour long outings are exhausting.

This. This was the most fun they had today. Tying ribbons around their heads to be Christmas ninjas. I told them to make serious ninja faces. Zoe obviously has it down. Just remember! Christmas ninjas don’t fight with each other or else they will die!

(I only made up the first part. The, uh, “consequence” was all their doing. That being said, I should go check to make sure they are all still alive. School starts Tuesday, right? RIGHT? HAHAHAHAHAHA!)


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    1. Oh man. We can’t deal with snow here. We get half an inch and the whole city shuts down.

  1. Oh, man, you are ready for some good health and a good break (as in, kids are in school)!

    I am absolutely employing the Christmas Ninjas (or whatever-day-or-theme-the-boys-are-in-to) don’t fight each other or they will [insert appropriate threat here]. I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to try this before 8 am tomorrow.

  2. I hope you’re all back to healthy again now, being sick sucks. Of course I feel bad for the kids, but I really feel for you, my friend!
    During break I didn’t bother too much with enforcing any kind of “electronics-use” schedule, because sanity. But they are back in school today and down to 60 minutes of media intake…

  3. OMG. This post is one big helping of crazy with a hefty side of funny.

    Somehow you made the flu and sick kids – over the holidays, no less – hilarious. No one will ever accuse you of losing your sense of humor.

    Although that’s probably why you’re all still alive. Christmas ninjas and all.

    Here’s to super-charged immune systems and a healthy winter!

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