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I’m in training again. Don’t I sound excited?

Actually, I am very excited. It’s been a whole year since I actually trained whole heartedly for a race, and I need this stability. Over the summer I intended to train for a 10 mile race that was in October. But I didn’t sign up and therefore slacked off (didn’t help that it is hotter than balls here in the summer).

Then I was going to sign up for the 3M Half Marathon in January. But I didn’t sign up early enough, so I slacked off, and then spending $100+ on a race at Christmas time didn’t sound appealing. Sorry, kids. No presents for you, ’cause Mommy’s got a race.

THEN I was thinking of running the Austin Half Marathon in February, but again with the $100+ race fees right at or after Christmas time. So I slacked off again.

Are you sensing a pattern here? If I don’t sign up, I slack off.

Also, I am cheap.

So when my friend Lori sent me a link to the Biggest Loser Half Marathon and pointed out the very low race fee, I jumped on that like a cheetah on a wildebeest.

I’m revisiting my old friend Hal Higdon for the half marathon training plan. Counting weeks until the race, I have ZERO extra weeks padded in for sickness and/or laziness. It’s mainly the laziness I’m concerned about. Training is hard and monotonous, and sometimes I don’t want to go for those early morning runs. I’d rather sit in a chair and drink coffee.

Last week another kindergarten mom told me I was inspiring her. We had run into her and her son on the way to school, and while the kids giggled and hollered down the sidewalk, she mentioned that seeing me taking off for runs after drop off gave her the motivation to do the same. Because even if she just runs straight home from the school, it was better than nothing right? I agreed, and encouraged her to find a 5k if she’s like me and needs an upcoming race to stay motivated.

I don’t set out to inspire people with my training. I do it to fulfill a challenge within myself. But when I trained for Zooma, readers came out of the woodwork to say that I had inspired them to run a 5k, a 10k, or even a half. And I have to admit that I loved it! Knowing that others are using what I’m doing as motivation totally pumps me up.

Everyone jokes about people who broadcast their workouts on social media. But the thing is, every like and “woo hoo!” and “OMG LEIGH ANN YOU ARE THE MOST AWESOME AND FASTEST RUNNER IN THE WORLD!” is a huge boost and gives me the motivation to do it again. And if you couldn’t tell, I needs mah motivation.

My goal this year is to train harder. Last year I completely blew off cross training and strength training. I know I need them to make me a better athlete, so I’m working in yoga once a week and strength training here at home. If you ever need cheering up, just think of me doing yoga. The instructor says, “Clear your mind,” and all I can think about is blogging about how I broke my back doing yoga. He tells us to breathe deep, but I can’t hear him over my own screaming of “SHUT YOUR YOGA FACE, MY BODY DOESN’T BEND THAT WAY.”

So beware, I’m in training again, so I’ll be mentioning it here on the blog, on the Facebook, on Twitter, and maybe I’ll even send a carrier pigeon to your house to inform you that I survived a 9 mile run.


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  1. Okay, I have a serious question for you:

    How can I motivate myself to start running again knowing for SURE I’ll be slower (for a while if not permanently) than I used to be?

    I’m afraid that when I compare my old times/speed, I’ll feel worse.

    I’m lame.

    1. Honestly, Julie, I have no idea. Maybe remind yourself that you’re just getting started again, and you can’t compare. Because you can’t. But I know how hard it is to get motivated after a long break.

  2. I wish we could train together! I was looking at the Hal Higdon plan this a.m. and thinking, “Can I do this? I can do this.” over and over.

    We CAN do it!

    1. Ha! I think that’s why I don’t have a trainer. I’m sure they will push me harder than I want to be pushed, LOL.

  3. That is so awesome!! I am so proud of you and wish I could do it, but I need to lose weight first. I tried running just a little on one of my walks and it hurt my knees and ankles, so now that I will be getting back to the gym, hopefully I can lose weight and get healthier and hopefully one day I can run a little. Keep up the good work and training! Even though I can’t run right now, you are an inspiration to me to get back to the gym, walk and try and get fit. 🙂

    1. Check out Runs for Cookies. She’s on Facebook and has a blog. She did her first half marathon (walking) at 253 pounds. She has lost and maintained 120+ pounds! (Also, decent shoes also help with foot/ankle/knee pain.)

  4. You’re inspiring ME. I saw the title and thought – oh I have to click on that post. Leigh Ann is going to inspire me to start running.

    And I’m not kidding one bit.

    1. That’s great Jennie! I hope to inspire someone to at least get moving. Anything is a start!

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