Yes, please, bring all the ailments

I am currently suffering from ginormous snot globules stuck in my face (cedar fever) and excruciating back/leg/butt pain (sciatica). My days look something like this:

Wake up. Attempt to sniffle, but nose is completely blocked. Smack completely dry lips around cottony mouth and take a swig of water that almost helps the parch. Swallow water, which pops ears, because BLOCKED NOSE. Blow approximately 1/3 cup of mucus out of nose. Still blocked.

Roll out of bed and attempt to stand up. Hobble to bathroom – OW! –  hunched over – JESUS! –  with left leg kinda bent – SH!T! – grabbing onto anything you can along the way – MOTHERF*@^ER! – for support.

That’s just the first 5 minutes or so, but the rest of the day is more of the same. Snot and pain. Pain and snot. I can’t breathe, I want to scratch my eyes out, and there is no comfortable position for my body. Mainlining ibuprofen and Zyrtec-D like a boss.

I’m still training for the Biggest Loser Half Marathon (4 miles in the books on Saturday and 4 more due on Monday). My back and allergies don’t really bother me when I run; I can breathe easy and run pretty much pain free. It’s the after that kills. I’m trying to remember to stretch more – I hate stretching, but I know my back and legs need it – and I’m busting out the foam roller now and then.

Soooo….I guess I should go see a chiropractor? No information online says exactly where the best place is to start doctor wise. I’m not thrilled about going to see my general practitioner, even if she may be able to correctly diagnose me. I don’t want to just be given a prescription, you know?

But take it from me — nothing ruins your day, or your attitude, more than being in constant pain. The constant snot blockage just adds insult to injury.

The upside is that I’m currently laying in bed on a Sunday afternoon with an ice pack on my back. Something tells me I need to get up soon, lest my family starts to think I’m milking this?



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  1. Personally and this is just my opinion. So take it as such. I have massive back problems I won’t get into it here but sciatica is one of my problems. It could be just normal wear and tear. Not stretching good enough etc etc. but it could be more serious. Disk, nerve involvement, etc. I say start with your primary care doc and go from there. Normally they will do an X-ray etc then send you to a specialist. I’m sorry ou having pain. And please this is of douse just my preference. Chiropractors have changed over the years but I still won’t do it, hope you get some relief soon. Back pain is not fun. Take it from me. and for goodness sake don’t google anything lol.

    1. I decided to go straight to an orthopedic doc. Didn’t even occur to me until someone recommended it!

  2. I’m so sorry about your back pain/sciatica/snot globules! I diagnosed myself with sciatica a few months ago, when my butt and back of the legs hurt after sitting down on a hard chair for hours at a time. I stretch but see a chiropractor for a different back pain, and I can’t bring myself to tell him that I think I’ve injured myself from sitting on my ass all day.

    Hope you feel better!

  3. My sister has had a persistent pain in the butt for months, and it’s not proverbial, unfortunately. There is no ‘cure’ for her, she just has to do more exercises in the area e.g. yoga, stretching and take a mild painkiller when it really hurts. I’d say, go see a doctor first before venturing to a chiropractor.

    So sorry about all the ailments! I am sneezing daily and blowing my nose constantly, due to dust mite allergies, and it’s all INSIDE MY HOUSE. I already clean and vacuum a lot, so I have to do it even more. I told my husband we need to change the couch from fabric to leather, because my 4 year old and I are suffering big time. Commiserations.

    1. Alison I cannot imagine that! I mean, I vacuum when it needs to be done, but I don’t think I could handle that often.

  4. Leigh Ann, Seasonal allergies suck. Sciatica is even worse. My heart reaches out to yours with pain killers clutched in its grubby paw-didn’t know your heart had its own hands now, did ya’? Get some analgesic relief along with the anti-inflammatories until you can walk straight so you don’t mess up even more of your precious body trying to compensate for that shit.

    @Andrea-tell your chiro everything that bothers you-they can do amazing stuff if they know what to look after. Hiding something like that is counterproductive to good health and could result in worse issues down the road. (I used to work for an orthopedic surgeon who knew his stuff well.)

    1. Lynda I decided to go straight to an orthopedic doc, which didn’t even occur to me as a choice until someone else recommended it! I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Blech, blech, blech. So sorry you’re hurting and snotting. I know a couple great sports chiros if you want names. I’m not running at the moment, but when I was running, ART with a chiro saved me! (Advice aside, you have my empathy and sympathy – all day pain BITES, especially when you’re responsible for the care and feeding of other humans.)

    I’m sitting here next to my pile of tissues, as well. I have pleaded with Mark to let me live elsewhere for cedar season, but he’s not on board with that. Unreasonable, that man. 😉

  6. Dude, that sucks. I’ve had to deal with sciatia since my first pregnancy and it truly sucks. That, combined with your allergies pretty much equals tooth ache, which is like the worst possible pain…
    I sure hope you feel better soon (and meanwhile I think it’s totally ok to milk it for all it’s worth) 🙂

  7. ack, I wish you well. Ha, literally. I really wish you well. Hopefully chiro can help. I guess it’s good you can still run? and train? i can imagine running is a stress reliever…wishing I could run right now for that reason. xx.

    1. I hope they don’t tell me not to train, but I doubt I will be that lucky. I decided to go straight to an orthopedic doc that specializes in back/spine health.

  8. Boo. You know my stance on the chiropractor thing, but surely my experience was…unique. I hope you find relief soon! Chronic pain is such a pain. 🙁

    1. I decided to go straight to an orthopedic doc, which didn’t even occur to me at first as a choice. Bad news is I have to wait another week.

  9. If you have an osteopath near you (they’re not all that common in the States) he/she will get you aligned in one or two sessions. I go at least twice a year for sciatica.

    Poor honey. Get well!

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