a running playlist: 80s alternative edition

As you may have read, I’m in training again – kind of. I’ve signed up and should be training for the Biggest Loser Half Marathon, but I’ve hit a snag with my annoying back pain. Sciatica’s no joke, yo. But that’s another story for another day. I’m hoping to get on board with someone who can help me train through it. If you are looking to run it, you can use the code BLOGGERLEIGH to get 20% off the Austin registration! 

In the meantime… It’s time for another running playlist!

80s running playlist

When I CAN go for a run, I’ve changed up my music a little and have been listening to the 80s Alternative Pandora station. It rocks my hot pink scrunchy socks. Please to ignore the crazy lady running down the street and doing the robot.

Here are a few of my 80s favorites to run to these days. What’s your favorite 80s jam?

Let’s Dance // David Bowie


Don’t Change // INXS // Best band ever *throws drumsticks in the air*

And she was // Talking Heads

I’m so sorry // The Smiths


Everybody wants to rule the world // Tears for Fears

I come from the land down under // Men at Work

Never let me down again // Depeche Mode

Beds are Burning // Midnight Oil

The ghost in you // Psychedelic Furs

How soon is now // The Smiths


Fascination street (extended version) // The Cure

Alive and kicking // Simple Minds

Want more running music? Take a look at a running playlist (for the music snobs).

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  1. So you included “How Soon is Now” and I’m in. Maybe not for a run, but for this playlist, for sure. If you need me, I’ll be in the corner brooding.

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