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This photo cracks me up to no end.
This photo cracks me up to no end.

Oh man. Girlfriend turned 6 and lost a tooth. Actually, the order was more like girlfriend turned 6, came down with a raging ear infection, left school after lunch, went to the doctor, went BACK to school the next day, celebrated with her class, and THEN lost her tooth. I’d been trying to yank it out for days, but loose teeth give me the extreme willies. Luckily it popped right out on the playground.


some stuff

Not only do we have a superb cast lined up for Listen to Your Mother: Austin, we now have tickets! And you can have tickets too! Grab your girlfriends or your mom or your loved one and come celebrate giving motherhood a microphone with us either on Thursday, May 8 at 7pm or Saturday, May 10 at 3 pm at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center. Or come both days, if you don’t think seeing it once will be enough (and I can’t say I blame you, because LORD the Austin people brought it with the stories). $15 in advance or $18 at the door. Please come, if only to see me sigh with massive relief when it’s all over and we birth our wonderful show baby.

Eventbrite - Listen To Your Mother Austin

If you’re not in the Austin area, check out the Listen to Your Mother map and see if one of our 32 cities is near you. You will not regret it, I promise.


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Nice job being a jerk, Self Magazine

A Boy and His Shopping Cart. Quite possibly the best HEB ad ever.

The hardest things to figure out are always the simplest. And this is hilarious.

If 70s moms had blogs

Whatever you do, do it well. Love me some Jen Hatmaker.


Me, elsewhere:

Inspiration for runners: Books, apps, and sites to get you on your running legs

Should you try a cleanse? (I have been so close many times, but I can’t close the deal.)

Is CrossFit dangerous? (I ask a lot of questions in my titles, don’t I?)

Teach your kids about personal space


Happiest of weekends to you!

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  1. My daughter had never heard the word “willies” until she heard me explain why I recoil from her loose teeth. Eesh. Please stop shedding body parts. Thanks for including me, and for the laughs with those other links. Also for the tips on personal space – my kid is a grabber/future wrestler, so that’s an ongoing topic around here.

  2. Poor girlie getting sick like that! Buy hey, at least she didn’t swallow her tooth like my Gus did. First lost tooth and he REALLY LOST IT. There was a lot of consoling involved. But 6! Yay! All’s well in the end.

  3. Good stuff, here! LOVE the picture. Also, I watched Whip It last night on the treadmill, and once again, really really want to visit Austin.

  4. Turn 6 then lose a tooth? Slow down with the milestones girlfriend!
    Good stuff there, I read some of them through your FB shares 🙂

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