get me a standing desk, STAT

I need a standing desk.

For an update on my back, I bit the bullet and got a lumbar epidural earlier this month. It wasn’t really how I wanted to treat my condition, as I knew it wast really going to solve the entire problem. But I was dying to have a little bit of my life back. Being in constant pain has thrown a veil over everything in these past few months, and I needed it lifted. And although the timing was unintentional, it was perfect – I never would have survived plane rides and entire days sitting at Erma had I not gotten the shot.

When I was in the worst pain, I avoided chairs at all costs. A mere ten minutes of sitting, and I had to mentally prepare myself to stand up, knowing I was about to endure excruciating pain. I avoided work (more than usual), stood up to eat my meals (more than usual), and made really elaborate dinners (definitely more than usual).

Unfortunately for my back, my job involves lots and lots of sitting, writing all the things and sending all the emails. Fortunately for me, I can pretty much get up whenever I want to stretch. Or check the fridge. Or take the dog out. Or go check my hair in the mirror. [Insert procrastination method of choice here]

The shot has been a godsend, but I’m not completely pain free. I still feel a little twinge when I get up in the morning or if I’ve been sitting too long. I excused myself from some sessions at Erma or even from dinner to walk around and stretch my back out after a long day of sitting. But still, it was a thousand times better than pre-shot pain. And now I’m being super diligent about my physical therapy, because I’m absolutely terrified that the pain will come back full force. And no one wants to see a grown woman cry.

So at physical therapy the other day, I noticed that my therapist uses a standing desk. It’s a mobile version on casters, kind of like a hospital tray. And I was like “I NEED ONE OF THOSE.” Only maybe less hospitaly.

Apparently standing desks are kind of a thing? Apparently it’s come to light that sitting for hours on end is bad for us? I wasn’t aware. I’ve been too busy raising children and never sitting for the past 6 years to brush up on the latest ergonomic fads. But now I want all the standing desks.

Tip: if you’re looking to get into the non-boring standing desk Etsy business, you can apparently make a fortune. You’re welcome.



Reclaimed wood? Iron legs? Adjustable? Yes, yes, and yes. $1300? NOPE.


Oooh modern, and with drawers. Yellow clock not included. I asked.


I really like this simple little desk. Surely I can MAKE THIS MYSELF for less than $478. Then again, if you saw my “home list” you’d try to convince me that $478 was well worth the effort I would NOT have to put forth.



What about you? Do you sit or stand?

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  1. Um, I’m siting ON THE FLOOR right now. It’s not good.

    I think you can make a standing desk for like a $100, yes? It just needs a surface and legs. Says the non-DIY-er.

  2. I’m a sitter unfortunately. My husband, however, just got s standing desk at work last week! He loves it and now he tells me all the time that sitting is the new smoking.
    I hope your back pain stays away for good.

    1. “Sitting is the new smoking” made me chuckle, but it’s true! That’s not the first time i’ve heard that!

      Also, I just unliked and then re-liked your FB page. Because I am an idiot that didn’t realize I had already liked it.

  3. Standing desks were all the rage among the hipsters at my old office. They also had great posture, funky glasses and cool shoes – not that I was jealous or anything, as I sat hunched over my desk in my mom jeans.

  4. Another friend of mine has been looking for one of these for a while and cannot seem to find the perfect one for her. I think she finally decided to design it and have someone make it for her…

    I would probably be better standing but I am a sitter. I like my chair. 🙂

  5. I think it would be neat to have a standing desk. On a TV show I watch one character even has a standing desk w built in treadmill so he is always on the move. How crazy is that?

  6. I was just going to say what Brandy said! I saw that too! And I need to catch up on what’s going on with your back 🙁 I’m on about month 2? 3? now of some kind of mysterious hellish pain in my lower back which I know I will do nothing about. I keep telling myself I am going to go start yoga. Someday.

    1. Oh, Farrah, I hope it gets better. I’ve been dealing with sciatica since November/December. Finally got to the point where I really couldn’t function. You can catch up HERE and HERE.

  7. I totally want a desk that has a stationary bike or treadmill attached.
    It is now that you are re-thinking our new friendship.
    Isn’t it?

    1. No. I think I like you even more. Because when you fall off your stationary bike or treadmill desk, you won’t get mad when I laugh at you. With you. At you.

  8. I followed over here from Shannon’s latest post and just had to chime in because half the people in my office are using standing desks now. They all rave about them but I haven’t caught the bug yet. This is the one they all got so there’s no permanent change to the office furniture and you can sit down and work when you want to.

    1. Aaaah that is super cool! Right now I rigged it with a pretty ghetto cardboard box.

  9. But…but….but….
    don’t your legs get tired with one of these?

    I’m tired just thinking about standing all day.

    On second thought, maybe I’m just lazy.
    Or hungry. Or both.

    Better eat and take a nap, just in case.

  10. My back started hurting in September when I decided that I needed to sit at my desk on a hard chair for hours at a time.

    Huh. Funny how that happens.

    I hate standing, though. I’m in the market for a lying-down desk.

  11. Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design.
    Great choice of colors!

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