summer just started and I’m already exhausted

So it seems I may have forgotten what it’s like to have three very loud, very rambunctious, and very activity-switchy children in the house all day? Maybe? A little? I’m not really sure what happened, but by bedtime I thought I was going to die, and then I looked at the clock, and it wasn’t bedtime at all, but a mere 12:47 pm.

Because by 12:47 I had already:


Consoled a crying child about a toy that she mysteriously misplaced while she was sleeping (6:03 am)

Attempted to coerce three children back to their beds because really? I have to drag you out of bed at 6:45 during the school year, but now you just pop right up like a summer-crazed jack-in-the-box (6:14 am)?

Thanked the Lord for my husband, who got up and fed them breakfast while “I slept in” (7:42 am)

“No, you can’t play in the sprinkler yet.” (8:21 am)

“No, it’s too early for the sprinkler.” (8:33 am)

“NOPE.” (8:40 am)

Said yes to tablet time (8:41 am)

Showered (9:01 am) (and you’re welcome)

Repeated “get dressed,” “can you get dressed?” “seriously, get dressed,” about 7.5 times. We won’t talk about the shoes.

Arrived at the library (10:02 am)

Wrenched Claire away from a poor woman and her 1 year old (10:11 am)(10:14 am)(10:19 am)(10:23 am)(okay, pretty much the entire time we were there)

Listened to Rachel read an entire Gerald & Piggy book to me (10:38 am)(also…reading!!!!!)

Checked out approximately 37 books (10:56 am)

“Shoes and toys don’t belong in the middle of the floor!” (11:13 am)

“Yes, please, go outside.” (11:17 am)

“Close the door.” (11:18 am)

“Close the door.” (11:19 am)

“CLOSE THE MOTHER@&$^ING DOOR!” (11:20 am)(expletives optional)

Made lunch for 3 cranky children (11:31 am)

You need snacks? Didn’t you just eat like 10 minutes ago? (11:41 am)

Wrenched a despondent Claire from her bed with promises of the water play I’ve been putting off since 8:21 am (11:50 am)

Wait, I should be a parent and make them clean up some of their messes before playing outside (11:52 am)

“Yeah, there’s still a lot of crap laying around…there…and there….and there…” (11:56 am)


Oh, heavenly, quiet-ish bliss. (12:02 pm)

Oh, look. They’re playing in the mud. That will be fun to clean up later. But still. HEAVENLY QUIET-ISH BLISS. (12:09 pm)

Zoe Of The No Body Fat has declared water play over for herself (12:10 pm)

Yeah, that mud’s getting a little out of control. (12:27 pm)

But I’m gonna sit here and eat my lunch, fully aware that the mud is getting a little out of control. (12:29 pm)

Oh yeah, that’s going to be hard to clean. (12:33 pm)

Showered, dressed, and brushed muddy kids. Soaked self in process. (12:40 pm)

Turned on all the blinky, internetty things because it’s almost over, right??? (HAHAHAHAHA it’s 12:47 pm)


We’ll either never survive this summer with our sanity intact, or we’ll just do what normal people do, and give up on any and all activities and just resign ourselves to some good, old-fashioned brain rotting.

Happy summer!


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  1. You’re funny and I love you.
    And I know all about the early wake up times and how slowly time seems to pass despite allthethings you have to do.
    May the days get easier!

  2. Yeah…. I’m not going to lie. Going on maternity leave again sounds both wonderful and terrifying. Summer is the same thing for me now – work and daycare – but not for long.

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