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Oren Miller of A Blogger and a Father writes openly and beautifully about his recent shocking diagnosis with stage 4 lung cancer. I’ve read Oren’s blog on and off, and we’ve communicated via social media the way bloggers sometimes do. And since the world is much smaller than we think it is, it so happens that Oren’s cousin Ilene is a friend of mine here in Austin, a blogger, and creator of BlogathonATX.

Sadness is inevitable–I’m only human, and trying too hard to rise above it only hurts more. But I do accept. I accept that life is finite, and I accept that my time will come soon. I accept that my life had been and still is a gift, and I accept the likely possibility that I won’t see my kids grow older.

There’s a Give Forward page set up for friends and loved ones to donate to the Miller family. And to show how awesome the blogging community really is, within just a few days the page had raised over $9,500 of its $10k goal. I refreshed the page a few hours later, and the amount raised exceeded $14k. Seriously, y’all. Awesome.

If you’d like to help support the Miller family, you can visit their Give Forward page here. If you want to stick to prayers, good thoughts, and support, that’s wonderful too. Really, anything is needed and appreciated. I’m finding out just how easy it is to hurt for someone I’ve never actually met in person.

And this is why I don’t think I could ever step away from the blogging community.

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I’m obsessed with NPR Tiny Desk Concerts.

My parents are dead, and my sister is disabled.

This awesome performance:

Eye candy lawn service – Oh, Austin.

“You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at what you love.”

Finally, I just cannot get enough of this song by The War on Drugs. It makes me so damn happy. Naturally, when I play it, Claire orders me to turn it off because “it’s making her angry.”


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  1. Anytime I think that the world is going under, I think of people who can raise fourteen thousand dollars for a guy they’ve never met before, and I am rejuvenated.

    This world. It’s not so bad.

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