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The great thing about kindergarten is that they teach your kids to read and write. We’re in this strange reading limbo, where now they realize that this crazy symbols they’ve been seeing everywhere actually mean something, and I can no longer tell them that the sign says “DON’T TOUCH! NOT FOR KIDS!” when in reality it screams “FREE CANDY!”

We worked all year on writing and sounding out words. I relaxed my type A neuroticism on spelling and allowed them to spell phonetically, which is entertaining and anxiety inducing. Ninja becomes “nenga.” Apple becomes “apul.” But wuns yu get the hang uf it, it’s kindu freeng, yu no?

And then they started making signs.

This parenting milestone kind of snuck up on me. I remember making these types of notices and sticking them on my door. But somehow they left this out of What to Expect When You’re Raising 3 Kids Less Than 2 Years Apart. Because the signs are not exactly of the “welcome” variety.

signs banners kids


The sign that started it all. I’m impressed by her fortitude to tell us she needs some alone time, perplexed by the “be positive” stationary, and cracking up at the spelling.


signs banners kids


Because I asked that they NOT paint their faces in the fashion of Native Americans with Hello Kitty nail polish.


signs banners kids


Because her sisters kept getting ahead of her while riding scooters around the block. Totally my fault.


signs banners kids


“Do not cum in Claire you ar ating like a sad (?) baby.”  I’d just be a bad parent if I didn’t keep this for posterity, right?


signs banners kids

This one’s probably my favorite. “You do not at like a mom. Love, Rachel.” Because I wouldn’t let her watch Netflix 5 minutes after walking in the door from a 2 hour movie at the theater. I don’t know if it’s the “Love, Rachel,” or the white picket fence, but she doesn’t seem too strong in her convictions here.

But more often than not, I find piles and piles of drawings of little girls (them) and an enormous figure (me, obvs), adorned with “I love you, Mommy,” and “You are so nis and prete.” Each one makes my day and gives me hope that I may actually be doing something right around here.

signs banners kids

Let’s just pretend that someone didn’t go back and scribble out “I love Momey” when I wouldn’t let them spray the cat with OFF.

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  1. This is hilarious. Keep them, make a book of them, and then wrap it up for them at Christmas when they are married with small children.

  2. Because our kids are of similar ages, we have similar signs. I feel like I am back in junior high with the mixed messages of love and irritation!

  3. I have one from Cady hanging on the bulletin board in my office. She gave it to me when I came back from out of town.

    “Bea Wareou of hawe moch I Love you (backwards y) mom. I mis you (backwards y) a lote. I more thean I hope you (backwards y) Love me to.”

    Translation: Beware of how much I love you mom. I miss you a lot. One more thing I hope you love me too.

    This was a couple of years ago and for a dyslexic I think she did a darn good job.

  4. Such a lovely scrapbook of their work… 😉

    There are loads of these at my house too. I think I will punch wholes and tie them with yarn. I’m so Pinterest-y, right?

  5. I luv this it is rilly grayt. I was pondering a similar post (shocker) because the notes and signs are rampant these days, primarily to tell me she loves me or hates me depending on the day/hour/minute.

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