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First up, I can’t believe I waited this long to attend BlogHer. Since I started blogging more publicly in late 2010 (I’ve been blogging since 2008), I’ve seen 3 BlogHers go by. At first I would say things like, “Too expensive,” and “I don’t belong there,” and “Who cares?” But as the conference rolled around, I certainly did care. And when I saw pictures of all my friends at BlogHer ’13, I was insanely jealous and bought my ticket for the next conference the minute they went on sale.

It’s hard for me to process my thoughts, because this was part conference, part vacation. I attended keynotes with amazing speakers like Arianna Huffington, Kerry Washington, Tig Notaro, and Jenny Lawson. I sat in sessions on publishing and parent-blogging. I love talking about blogging in all forms and fashions, and I had the opportunity to do that endlessly.

And every time I stepped outside, I practically shouted, “OMG, y’all, the WEATHER here!” Seriously. Amazing. Cool breezes. No humidity. I want to live in San Jose. Except the California air was not kind to my curls, so I went around looking like I was in serious need of a curl intervention.

I’ve been struggling here lately. In a session on parent-blogging, my friend Tonya said, “How could anyone ever stop writing about their kids?” And I admitted that at 6, 6, and 4, I don’t really write about my kids as much. Maybe there’s not as much new stuff going on. Or maybe I’ve just been ignoring my writing filter. Or maybe I’m so used to writing about my kids, I just can’t figure out what to write if I’m not. Because stuff is ALWAYS going on. And I need to turn my inner voice back on that wants to write about it and squash the one that says “Are you sure anyone would care about that?” Because I didn’t start this blog for anyone. I started it for me.

I felt like I belonged, which is hokey and silly, but whatever. It’s encouraging to hear that personal blogging still has a place in the internet, in the midst of so much “A monkey stole this mom’s minivan. What happens next will bow your mind!”

Best of all, BlogHer connected me with my people. It’s hard to justify the costs of a blogging conference sometimes, but I don’t feel like a single penny or airline point was wasted. Along with conference talk, I got to hang out in the pool, watch karaoke, and share a few cocktails with my blogging buddies and meet so many people that I’ve known online for years.

I stepped out of a session so I could give moral support to my roommate before she went on stage for Voices of the Year.

I gave up the chance to attend the LTYM Open Mic because I found myself in an impromptu conversation with a blogger I really loved, and I knew I wouldn’t get the chance again.

And I got to dance to music DJ’d by Rev Run of Run DMC, so you know. Your average, everyday mom experience.

And as we got up at 4 am on Thursday for my flight out, my husband kept repeating the mantra:

“The flight was $5. The flight was $5. The flight was $5.”



Did you attend BlogHer ’14? What did you think?

Also, thanks so much to the BlogHer team who worked so hard to not only put the conference together, but also to keep us all on the up and up via the Facebook group. So good to meet Melisa in person and see Momo again. I can’t wait to do this next year.

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Guy Kawasaki interviewing Arianna Huffington.

photo 2

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The beautiful and sweet Jennie from A Lady in France.




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  1. I’m so glad you came, and I’m even more glad you left feeling like it was worth it. I had an amazing time with everyone. Of course now I feel a terrible homesickness for everyone, but it was so worth it.

  2. I still haven’t fully processed the experience, but I can say one thing for sure: I did NOT see enough of you! It was so good to see you, though, even if it was only for a short time. I hope we get an excuse to hang out again sometime!

  3. I’m so glad you went and had a good experience. But I’m mostly glad that I got the chance to meet you and hang out with you. You are funny and real and kind and just all kinds of wonderful.

    1. Getting to know you was one of my highlights of the whole thing. So glad we got to share the experience together. Sappy sappiness.

  4. I hope, one day, one conference, I get to hug you in person.

    I am struggling with the writing about kids/not writing about kids, but that is not why I commented here.

    I am SO GLAD you loved it (and can’t ever imagine your curls looking bad!)

  5. I’m so glad you came too! It felt like we had known each other FOREVER, like not meeting for the first time at all. That was my favorite thing. I loved all of the keynotes, too, and the just hanging out. My husband asked what I did and I said, “well, I went to dinner, and some sessions, and some parties.” Because I couldn’t really describe it. The meals together were worth everything.

    1. Greta, it was amazing getting to finally meet you in person. You are so lovely, and your smile lights up the whole room.

    1. I’m so glad I got to see you and meet you face to face. You amazing me with all the hard work you do both with BlogHer and LTYM.

  6. I ALMOST didn’t comment because I noticed that this is a post on BlogHer 14 and there were 14 comments and….yeah.

    Now you know how weird I really am.


    I also wanted to thank you for posting pictures of some of my very favorite people. And for hugging them. Wish I’d been there and that you’d been one of the people I was hugging.


    1. I wish you were there too! Next time I am in CA I will let you know. Because CA is small like that. 😉

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