sick stories, AKA let’s make sure kids #GoBackHealthy

This is a sponsored post by CVS’s MinuteClinic as a part of their #GoBackHealthy Back to School Health & Safety Campaign. 


I can probably count the number of times my kids have been very sick on two hands, which isn’t bad, considering there are three of them. From the time they were babies, they just haven’t gotten sick very often, save the occasional random fever. We never experienced an ear infection until Zoe was maybe 9 months, and Rachel just had her first this past year.

I try not to sweat it when something comes up. I’ve been sure someone had some terrible disease, only to find out it was a virus. I’ve been sure an illness would ride itself out, only to find out someone has the flu. Then there was that time that we were at the park when we got the call that Claire’s chest X-rays showed signs of pneumonia. Oops!

But all in all, we’ve been lucky that my girls have been so healthy, especially considering their prematurity. They get this from me. My entire family can be suffering from the plague, and I’ll be the last one standing. It’s not for lack of trying. They sneeze and cough on me like it’s their job, and I say, “Please don’t sneeze on me! Gross!” But what I’m really thinking is Please, give me just enough germs to take me down for a day. That’s all I want. One day to lay in bed and sleep all day. And have someone make me breakfast in bed.

Ask me how many times I’ve gotten breakfast in bed when I’m sick.

When Rachel and Claire started kindergarten full time, I feared our healthy streak would come to an end. They’d catch everything that floated around that school, and worse – they’d bring it home.

And they did, but luckily it was usually nothing more than another random fever that lasted a couple of days. You know, the ones that pop up on a Friday evening and lasts through Sunday, just long enough to keep them from going to school on Monday? Those are my favorite. Poor Rachel missed a field trip to the pumpkin patch in the fall thanks to one of those fevers.

Rachel did get very sick over the winter break this past year. When we made it to the doctor, she tested positive for flu (as in the test that usually takes a few minutes ended up coming back positive stronger than the control), had a raging ear infection, and based on the spots on her throat, also got treated for strep.  Balls to the walls, that one.


With school starting in less than a month (PANIC!), it’s time for parents to start thinking about getting kids and their immune systems ready for all the ailments that await them. Luckily CVS’s Minute Clinic has lots of ways for parents to ensure their kids are healthy and ready to take on the school year.

  • Are you caught up on vaccinations? MinuteClinic offers a variety of back-to-school vaccinations so that your kids don’t miss their first day. It is important to know your state’s requirements for vaccinations such as meningitis and pertussis. (Find out which vaccinations are required in your area here.)
  • MinuteClinic also offer pre-participation sports physicals for just $39 (that’s $20 off!). Even if it’s not required, it’s important to make sure your little ones are healthy & safe to participate.
  • Big kids need physicals too. Kids leaving home for college? Make sure they start off on the right foot with our college physicals.


Finally, MinuteClinic is also offering a FREE $22 coupon book when you visit. (No purchase necessary. Available while supplies last through 12/1/14.)



Are your kids ready to #GoBackHealthy? Because we haven’t waited so impatiently for the start of school just so they can spend the first day sick on the couch.



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  1. Thanks for the reminder, for Lucas’s new school, I need to have his pediatrician sign a bunch of forms, etc. Here’s to a healthy school year.

  2. So – how many times have you gotten breakfast in bed when you were sick? 😉

    We’re a pretty robust and healthy family as well – I think once you’re done walking around in a -35 deg. Canadian winter nothing can take you out easily…

    1. NONE! Surprise surprise. Coincidentally, if I ever DO get sick, my husband has an important meeting or something. Always.

  3. Worse than having sick kids is being sick. Unless – you’re right – breakfast in bed. Or the weight lost because you haven’t eaten in days. Or the days lying on the couch doing nothing, which is a fantasy of mine.

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