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When Rachel and Claire were born, Christian and I did our absolute best to make sure they got a healthy start. They were almost exclusively breastfed (save for some special high calorie formula that we came home from the NICU on a couple of times a day). I made most of their baby food. And we diluted their juice when they were young.

Yes, I was the mom who diluted her kids’ juice. I know.

We had made a pact that we didn’t really want to introduce sugary drinks to our kids at all. I’m a sucker for temptation, so the only way to get myself off of sodas was to stop buying them. And we did the same for juice. Juice boxes in the fridge equated to kids asking for juice boxes all day long. It had nothing to do with thirst. Plus I’ve taken sips from the juice pouches my kids pick up at parties, and GROSS.

But don’t get me wrong, when we’re at a party, I’m all, “Kids, drink all the juice you want. Just don’t spill Mommy’s ‘juice’ right here.” So.

The folks at Fave Juice must have sensed my neurotic tendencies when they offered me the opportunity to try some of their 100% fruit and vegetable blend juices. Because if I AM going to give my kids juice, I’d like for it to have some kind of nutritional value other than water blended with a host of sugars and an essence of tropical punch.


fave juice

Fave Juice sent us all three of their flavors to try: Strawberry-Banana-Kiwi, Orange-Tangerine-Pinapple, and Pomegranate-Blueberry-Goji.

So here’s the deal. We loved it. The girls described it as YUMMY! and DELISHWISH! and MORE PLEASE!

We blew through all three bottles in record time, so I think that’s a sign that they liked it. And I don’t think it was their mild juice deprivation speaking, like a kid who was never allowed candy growing up who goes all hulk-like when they eat a jawbreaker as an adult. The great thing about NOT giving the kids sugary drinks often is that they weren’t turned off by the definite NON-sugary taste of Fave. With juices of cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and beets mixed into the fruits juices, Fave has a full, distinct flavor. You know you’re not drinking a HFCS-laden juice, but it’s fruity and flavorful enough to appeal to kids too.

So here are my favorite things about Fave:

  • 3 full servings of vegetables per 8oz glass
  • All natural with no added sugars (see the ingredients of all 3 flavors here)
  • All ingredients are certified non-GMO
  • Very low sugar (but no added sugars!)
  • Great addition to a fruit smoothie
  • Seriously good. Like really. I love it. I want more.

And best of all, beginning this past June, those of you in the Austin and San Antonio areas can now purchase Fave at your local HEB store. If you don’t live near an HEB, here are the other retailers that carry Fave (including Amazon). And to find out more about Fave, check out their FAQs.

Do you think you’ll give Fave a try? Are you a juice family?





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  1. We are a juice family. I’m the mom that sends her kids to school with the organic juice. The kids complain that it doesn’t have a lot of flavor, but it also doesn’t have a lot of sugar. I would love for them to try something that is full-flavored AND low sugar.

  2. Wow, three servings of veggies?! That’s awesome. And I love that they’re non-GMO. They sound really good! (I totally dilute juice…still. When I mix it up, my husband asks if it’s “regular juice” or “mama juice.” Ha)

  3. We are not a juice family, but these look/sounds healthy and that’s a good thing! Thanks for the review, I’ve never heard of this brand.

  4. I love that the sugar is more than half as much less than most juices! We will definitely try it. We have a Fresh Market here so I hope we can get it there. Thanks for recommendation. 🙂

  5. LOVE that there are no dyes and HFCS in it. I am definitely going to seek it out next time I’m at HEB. My boys get juice on Saturdays so they’ll be super excited to have a new kind!

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