first day of first grade photo bonanza

Obligatory first day of school photos in front of the door! First day of first grade.

photo 3
It’s damn near impossible to get a photo of them together where they aren’t practically making out. Twins. What can you do, eh?

photo 4

Claire had her heart set on her long skirt and tank top. Rachel originally picked out a skirt, but chickened out and opted for shorts and her new Rainbow Dash tee. I wasn’t surprised.

photo 5

Awkward smiles! Notice the Ninja Turtle tats that I was strictly forbidden from scrubbing off in the previous night’s bath.

photo 3

Some pre-walk fussing of the drawstring shorts and “Look at mah roly poly!”

photo 5

Oh me? In the picture? Well okay then. Sorry about my hair, everyone. IT’S EARLY.

photo 2

SERIOUSLY. The cuteness. It burns.


Claire went right in and was all, “MY PURPLE SCISSORS!” Easy to please, this one.



Rachel was a little shy and shrunk away from her teacher, but couldn’t resist giving Zoe a huge goodbye choke-hug. Her bestie is in her class, so that helps.


Sad Zoe is sad that she can’t go to school yet. She demanded that we snuggle on the couch and watch Frozen at 8:30 am, and I was like “SOLD.”



Happy first week of school!

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  1. OMG!!! How freaking adorable!! Those are the cutest pics!! I can’t believe they are already in first grade! What has happened to our babies?? Next year is Kindergarten for Zoe….not fair. 🙁 Just think…..all of the cousins’ graduations will be a year apart as well!! I’m sure that will be here before we know it too. 🙁

  2. I love their different fashion sense (totally with the skirt/ tank top, but shhh don’t tell Rachel).
    Also, your hair LOOKS TOTALLY GREAT.

  3. Great shots – especially the holding hands one. I love all of the curls – theirs and yours. I hope they are off to a great start!

  4. OMG, how cute! I have a twin sister and we always dressed differently and were in separate classes. We didn’t even know any other twins until the 3rd grade. We met our friends Donna and Dora, and they took one look at us and said “you mean we don’t have to wear the same thing?!” Their Mom had dressed them alike since they were born, and they had no idea they could wear something different!

    Fast forward 38 years – and we are still best friends!

    1. Ha! Poor Donna and Dora. And thank you for this comment! I love hearing stories from grown twins. xo

    1. They did great. Adjustment is much better than kindergarten. Rachel still has some warming up to do, and I’m a little peeved that I don’t seem as welcome walking them to their door in the morning. So in that respect, first grade is hard.

  5. SO cute. All of them. Zoe’s sad face is so sad. It’s hard to be the youngest and get left behind…until you get Frozen and solo Mommy time!

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