August and some stuff

I’ve been recapping up our summer months with a roundup of my favorite photos each month. I also try to publish Some Stuff  at the end of each month (bi-weekly actually, mid-month and end of month). So I figure this time we’ll do a BOGO combo. And this works out well, because it turns out I didn’t really take that many photos in August. My favorites are pretty much all on Instagram, so pardon you may have seen them there. Then head down below for Some Stuff.








some stuff

Crap someone should have told you writers by now

What the actual…..?

I’m super honored to be included in Karen Walrond’s (Chookooloonks) #lookforthelight August roundup.

Also from Chookooloonks: Affected. A must read.

A memoir is not a status update

A 4-year-old reviews Aq (with his face) – A brutally honest restaurant review.

The awkward parenting story I probably shouldn’t tell. I love the great work that Glennon Melton (Momastery) does with her blog, but it’s her hilarious stories like this one that really drew me to her.

Scandal! Action! Intrigue! Downton Abbey season 5! Too bad we Americans gotta wait ’til January.

Only Jon Stewart can take “He who smelt it, dealt it” and racism and tie it all together.


And just like that, it’s September! Have a great week!


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  1. I love those pictures.
    We are so lucky to have these amazing journals for our children to look at some day.
    I wish my mom had had something like this.

  2. I read Glennon’s post and almost died. So funny and well, you know, sometimes that happens. I love the photos of her girls’ faces. HA! Great photos, and congrats on being included at Chookooloonks, that’s awesome! 😀

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