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Based on my traffic lately, two things are coming up: Halloween and training/race season. Thanks to that, these two posts of mine are getting crazy amounts of traffic:

No sew bat costumes for the super lazyno sew bat costumes bat wings diy

14 tips to pass the time on that long run



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buick enclave 2015

We had a chance to drive a Buick Enclave for a week, kind of as a last hurrah before school started. We took a day trip to San Antonio to go to SeaWorld, where we actually spent the entire day at Aquatica because Christian thought SeaWorld itself closed at 8, and we’d still have plenty of time to go check out a few exhibits we missed last time (I am a SeaWorld Wildside blogger, so we have season passes/fun cards). Only the whole park was closing at 6, so we had all of half an hour to book it over to the penguins – my favorite – before the park closed, only to find the entire penguin habitat pitch black. Turned out they were mimicking the penguins’ true habitat in Antarctica, which is completely dark this time of year. Boooo.

But Rachel DID make it over to see the stingrays about 324 times. Every time we went to the bathroom or walked through the park. It was borderline obsessive and completely adorable.

I pretty much wanted to marry that Enclave (I say EnCLAHVE, because it makes me feel fancy). It was really no bigger than my Explorer, and since the middle row contained bucket seats, we had to put 2 kids in the back and one in the middle row, meaning our storage was limited. But it still felt plenty roomy, and I would trade storage for satellite radio and a back seat entertainment system in a heartbeat, y’all. 

The only thing I didn’t care for – and this is a stretch – is that the doors all unlocked immediately upon putting the car in park. So as soon as my kids heard the caCHUNG of the doors unlocking, they were on their way out before I could warn them to BE CAREFUL! DON’T HIT THE CAR NEXT TO YOU! like the helicopter parent I am.

I’m sure that can be fixed with child locks and the like, because really, there isn’t much on that car that they didn’t think of. I want it back.

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One of my other homes, Free Fun in Austin, was named BEST LOCAL BLOG in the Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin poll! Heidi works her tush off for that site, and it is well-deserved.

This story is a scary sign of our times. From Haiku of the Day: “Is everyone so terrified of the world that they sit in their Wall-E chairs, watching 24-hour “news,” rifles on their laps, and their phones pre-dialed to 911? How do we make sense of the dichotomy that our country is safer than it’s ever been and yet small town police departments have tanks and automatic weapons? How do we teach our children that it’s OK to play outside and to learn on their own, to enjoy a taste of freedom – but to be very, very careful when wearing a hoodie especially if they have dark skin?” (PS she’s from Austin.)

I can’t stop watching this video. I’m not a Taylor Swift fan, but these guys make me miss college.

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    1. Andrea, I am obsessed with that video. I watch it all the time. I may be missing college a little too much.

  1. I love that post and pic of your ‘lazy’ costumes. I remember it very well from last year 🙂
    And yeah- I did feel a pang of sentimentality for college after that video! But where were cool guys like that when I was there??!?!?!?

  2. I bought a Buick (Regal GS) in March and still drool over it every single day. You should beg them to give you that ENclave. Or just buy one eventually. 🙂

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