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It’s safe to say that Twitter, at least for most of us bloggers, isn’t the same as it used to be. The days of sitting around on Twitter, chatting with our friends, while our kids napped or ran circles around us or unrolled 8 rolls of toilet paper, but it’s okay because the 6 minutes of quiet were totally worth it, and that’s why you recycle anyway…well those days are over, at least it seems so. I look at my twitter stream now, and all I see are tweets that link to posts I’ll never read, tweets that link to Instagram photos I won’t look at, and tweets that link to Facebook status updates, which is seriously the most annoying thing in the world.

And then I went in and looked at my own twitter profile, and guess what I saw? Tweets that link to posts I have written, tweets that link to posts I have read, and tweets that link to Instagram photos no one ever looked at. Twitter has gotten insanely boring, and I’m part of the problem.

So I’ve been trying to chat it up more there.


No one replied. Which helped, I guess, because then I just kinda, you know, went to sleep.



I could tell by the way that time seemed to stop twitter-wise, that everyone was concerned. I mean, was my house infested with cute, furry rodents, or did my garage freezer go kaput? I felt the need to clarify. I mean, dead squirrels happen, but I can’t have the neighborhood association thinking I have unsafe food handling practices.



…And few things are worse than burnt popcorn. Later I went out to open the garage doors and air out the stench, but….



To which someone replied “Texas heat FTW!” Seriously.


Then today…



And with that, my Tuesday was complete, at least until the ebola virus started breaking out on Facebook faster than it ever would if we were all hanging out with the infected.

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  1. SPIDER tweeted you!!! Bahahaha.
    I’m sorry about the Facebook linked status on Twitter. I have that. But I only post once or twice on FB so I figure NO ONE WILL SEE IT ANYWAY.

    1. It’s no biggie. I just get bummed when I see something I may want to respond to, but there’s a FB link, so I can’t even see the entire status.

  2. I have been meaning to create and use lists on Twitter to help make sure I see tweets I want to see, like your dead squirrel updates. But it’s been two years and I still haven’t done it, so it doesn’t look promising.

    1. I tried to create a list a long time ago. I spend forever on it, and only for halfway through my follow list. The thing is, I don’t want to ignore people that I know, but those people are also just spewing links and stuff. GAH.

  3. Are you wearing haz mat suits yet?
    And I am pissed I didn’t see any of your convo’s on Twitter.
    The Happiness Project karma…….that Gretchen Rubin is hiding it from me, HIDING IT.

  4. Yeah. All those links on Twitverse. Guilty as charged. I add to that crap. Think it’s time to pull the “publish to….” plug for a bit.
    I did go on Twitter the other day and found Michael J Fox was trending and panicked (because a trend means they died, right?) but I tweeted something about Back To The Future and it was noticed by LEA THOMPSON. And she retweeted!!!!
    Total faith in twitverse restored. 🙂
    Glad the squirrel went away. Or it was a dead body and you are awfully hush hush about it.

    1. I’m guilty too. I don’t think promoting your own stuff there is bad…just don’t forget to go over there once in a while and actually engage. You know? So awesome about Lea Thompson! I was thrilled when Chris from the Wild Kratts favorited a tweet of mine about how my 4yo has a crush on him.

  5. I think Twitter is just as it ever was . . . it’s just that my damn kids are bigger now, and they’re far less content to entertain themselves by unrolling toilet paper rolls, instead wanting me to help them unroll the toilet paper rolls.

    But, yes, insect posts will ALWAYS score 🙂

    1. Really? I remember sitting on Twitter and chatting pretty much all day. Now I go through my stream and can barely find anyone to reply too, because it’s all links to posts and links to Facebook status updates and instagrams (which I do too, and a review of my own feed a few months ago revealed that I was a part of the problem). Conversation there nowadays is at a minimum. But then I even have a hard time finding people to unfollow, because I *know* them through social media. It’s just that since FB picked in interaction up a few years ago, everyone moved there and is just using twitter for shouting.

      But I’m trying to get more interaction going over there…

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