how NOT to run with your iPhone

This weekend was overcast and cold – like two pairs of pants cold. Saturday we had soccer and a fire in the fireplace and napping, so Sunday I decided I had better go for a run to get my muscles going and work off some of the Christmas-wrapped Hershey Kisses I downed, cold, misty weather be damned.

I was about to google how many minutes one had to run per Kiss, but then I decided not to depress myself.

By afternoon the annoying misty rain had quit, but it was still pretty cold. I headed out in my Under Armor compression capris (the ones with the hole in them from getting snagged in some Tough Mudder barbed wire 2 years ago), running tee (Kirkland’s Best, y’all!), and my C9 running jacket. And today I carried my phone in my husband’s FlipBelt.

My old iPhone 4s armband has worked just fine for my 6 up until recently. The 6 is bigger, so it’s a tight fit, and I sometimes have to velcro it SO tightly onto my arm – especially if I’m wearing a slippery long-sleeved tech tee – that the phone’s power and volume buttons go haywire. My last few runs have been interrupted by my music getting turned alllll the way down or alllll the way up. Stopping to fix these things takes away precious energy. Not to mention is is just hella annoying to have your favorite song just disappear while you’re mid-jam.

I’ve used the FlipBelt around the house to store my phone while I’m doing housework and listening to podcasts (Serial, y’all. Listen to it. It’s amazing.), but this was the first time I had run with it. It didn’t jostle or ride up or down, like my annoying compression pants do. But about a mile into my run, I felt something tugging on my earbuds, and I looked down to see something dangling from my waistband and OMG IT’S MY IPHONE HANGING BY A PURPLE EARBUD WIRE.

You know, I had a dream the night before – a nightmare really – that I had dropped and shattered my phone. I have never broken a phone to date, and I don’t intend to start now.

So I continued on my run, hip-checking myself every 3 seconds. The 6 is a slippery little fucker, and I was paranoid that it was going to slide out again. This wasn’t supposed to happen with the FlipBelt. It was designed to hold all of my belongings, safe and snug and secure, and so I could zone out and not think about running while I was actually running. But all I could think about was how every step was a step towards death for my poor phone. The constant checking wasted precious physical and mental energy. I’m still so fresh and out of shape after my injury, I have no time to waste with faulty gear.


“It’s just that there’s pocket openings all around the belt, so there’s no safe place for my phone!” I said to Christian when I got home and told him about my phone’s near death experience.

“Well, yeah. You put your stuff in the openings, and flip the belt over. So they’re covered.”

“Flip it over?” I said. “Oh…I guess that’s why it’s called a FLIPBelt.”  OH. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

You guys, the patience with which this man deals with me is unprecedented. Bless him.

To be fair, FlipBelt’s own damn logo is on the same side of the belt as the pocket openings. So once it’s flipped, you can’t even see the logo, AND there’s a tag on the non-pocket side, totally making it look like the underside of the belt. AND all of the ridiculously fit and tan people in their photos are wearing the belt with the logo facing out. That’s just confusing for us dumb people, and poor design if you ask me. I know you didn’t, but still.

Left: the pretty outside of the belt that is supposedly supposed to go on the inside. Right: the inside of the belt that is supposed to go on the outside? IDK. I’m confused.


So next time will be FlipBelt 2.0, new and improved, and with it’s actual intended purpose. I’ll keep you posted on whether or not it works, but I’m sure it will. Things usually do work when you use them the right way and all.

• • • • •

In running-related news, I’m excited to announce that I’m serving as an ambassador for ZOOMA Texas and the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series! I ran ZOOMA in 2012, where I was also an ambassador, and it was such a good time, and the event that I credit to “making” me a runner. Since then, as you all know, I’ve been suffering from terrible sciatica that stemmed from a herniated disc in my lower back. But I’ve ben deemed well enough to not only run, but start training again. I’m still terrified that the pain will return, but now at least I (and my physical therapist) know how to manage it if it does.

ZOOMA Texas is held on March 28, 2015 at the gorgeous (and hilly!) Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Bastrop, TX. Registration is now open for the 5K, 10K, and the half marathon. Save 10% on registration for any of the distances by using the code LEIGHANN15. Find more info about ZOOMA Texas here. Will I see you there?

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  1. I have to agree that it does look like a design-flaw in the flipbelt.

    That said, I wear a pair of jogging shorts (or, if the weather is cold enough, a jogging jacket) with DEEP pockets, so the phone sits in there . . . I’ve yet to even come close to losing it. Though, after a marathon, I get a nasty bruise on the front of my left thigh from repeated bonking.

    1. The bonking would drive me inSANE. I can’t stand any unnecessary or distracting movement when I’m running. Now jacket pockets with ZIPPERS. That’s where it’s at.

  2. Ha ha to Julie’s comment because that is how I run typically too, unless I am running a race.

    And Tim often has that kind of patience with me as well… LOL!

  3. LOL! So, I desperately wanted a flipbelt – and got one for Christmas last year. But it was too small… and they were awful with returns. Wanted me to pay a bunch for something or other because I was in Canada. So now I have a too-small flipbelt. 🙁

    Sorry – am I comment jacking? I hope your next run with the flipbelt is awesome.

  4. I’m tired just reading about all that exercise and phone fretting. Glad you are feeling well enough to run and train again!

  5. This cracked me up SO HARD because I can totally see myself doing the exact same thing. And the torture my husband would unleash would be horrendous!

  6. Uh I’m not sure if I want you using my sophisticated piece of fitness equipment unless I supervise it’s use. How about I get you your own Flipbelt?!

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