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This post is graciously sponsored by Uncommon Goods. Uncommon Goods believes that it is their responsibility to use their business to impact the world in a positive way. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support this little blog.


I have a new desk! Of my own!

For the past, oh, forever, I’ve had my laptop firmly planted on the dining room table, unless I took it with me when I firmly planted my butt on the couch or on my bed. We live in a smallish house, around 1600 square feet, so there’s not a lot of extra room personal space. The dining room table, although in the middle of the house, was the only place where I could carve out a little space.

But it was never a perfect solution. The kids are constantly drawing, and we’ve amassed piles and piles of drawings of Ninja Turtles, baby spiders, family portraits, Hello Kitty, and then there are the fun times when Zoe goes on a snowflake-making bender, leaving itty bitty teeny weeny microscopic pieces of paper littering my floor like confetti. I myself have kind of a “paperwork” problem, where I collect any and all papers that I need to read, respond to, fill out, remind me of something, along with my calendar, notebook, and other random, super important crap.

The worlds were going to collide, and it wasn’t going to be pretty. I needed a space of my own.

A few weeks ago Christian got a wild hair to rearrange our bedroom, which allowed space for an old desk we had sitting around collecting dust. Years ago it was my art table, so its black formica was paint splattered and stained. For the past several years, every time the bulk trash people came around, I was tempted to put it on the curb, but it never found its way out there.

Thank goodness, because look at this baby now!

diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting
Check out the LTYM poster in the left corner. Vintage 2012.

I cannot believe how good it looks, and you would not believe how happy it makes me. For the longest time I’ve wanted a little space to call my own, and if i can’t have my own room, dammit, at least I have my little haven. Before I painted it, the area was so dark and dreary. Our bedroom gets terrible natural light, even with the huge sliding door on one side (pro tip: do NOT buy a house with a sliding door in the bedroom, unless you want to play revolving cats all night, every night). Painting the desk white and stealing the kids’ lamp from the playroom has really brightened up the space.

diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting
See that mug? I made it in college ceramics. Finally getting some use out of it.
diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting
Beware the blinding cosmic light!

The great people at Uncommon Goods sent me the beautiful piece of art hanging on the wall. When I first chose it, I wasn’t sure where I would put it. Maybe the girls room? My gallery wall? I wasn’t sure. Christian suggested I hang it above my desk, and so it was. And it was this piece that inspired me to get the ball rolling on refurbishing this terrible ugly desk that is terrible and ugly no more.

Plus, I kinda need this message too.

diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting

Uncommon Goods has long been one of my favorite places to buy gifty things. It’s one of the few physical catalogs that I hang onto so I can flip through it while the kids eat their after school snack. Uncommon Goods supports and provides a platform for artists and designers. About half of their products are made by hand, many incorporating recycled or upcycled materials. There’s a huge range of unique items for those people in your life that just don’t need another pair of gloves or socks (find great gifts for your wacky aunt here or something unique for your hard-to-shop-for brother here).


I love sitting down to work at my desk (which I am doing RIGHT NOW). I love looking at it from the other room. I love how much bigger and cleaner it seems with it’s fresh white coat of paint. I kinda feel like a grownup sitting here.

Then Rachel sat down and pretended to be me. She set up all of her little tchotchkes and got to work drawing some ninja turtle pictures. And apparently this is the face I make when I am working?

diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting


diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting


I really hope she lets me keep these here. Every blogger needs a snake/kitty/ninja/Batgirl team to keep her pumping out kickass content.

diy desk refinish uncommon goods painting

Oh. How sweet. Two seconds after this I caught them drawing on my new white desk. No pictures, because we need to retain the beauty of this moment. And my desk.

Uncommon Goods also sent me a package of these adorable little paper angels (find more Christmas gifts here). I love the different colors and patterns and the simplicity of the design, and I can’t wait to include them in my Christmas decorations this year. This one just might stay here on my pretty new desk with me.

uncommon goods paper angels




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  1. I have the same computer-on-a-cluttered-table problem. The desk looks fabulous and I love that wall hanging! I just got the Uncommon Goods catalog in the mail and was planning to peruse for gifts. So fun! I like Batgirl lurking behind the angel.

  2. Oh yay, your own space! I used to write sitting on the couch, which is NOT the most conducive, or good for my back. I am SO happy I have my little nook in the corner of the living room (though I am actually er, sitting on the couch now, sigh).

    I love that quote, I have it on my MantraBand!

    1. OH yes. My back says a huge NO when I sit on the couch. (But I still do, especially when it’s cold and there’s a fire.)

  3. I am so happy that you have a space of your own! It makes quite a difference, mostly our in our attitude alone, to have grownup stuff to occupy our kid infested houses. Enjoy and please keep the snake/kitty/ninja/Batgirl team. THEY ROCK!

  4. I love uncommon goods. I also flip through that catalog while the girls have their after school snack. Love it! I put a desk in a corner of my room a few months ago with great intentions and it’s become a mess – it’s my project for next week.

    1. It’s worth the effort! Now that it’s nice and white and clean, I tend to keep clutter off of it.

  5. I LOVE it, Leigh Ann. We have an office, but… oh, it’s too long and dumb of a story for a comment. But I work on the kitchen table/living room couch 90% of the time. The desk is fantastic, because it gives you space to spread out your things. (And the print is lovely, of course, but I am happiest that you have you own space now!)

  6. I have a desk in my bedroom too. It used to be my scrapbooking desk but I don’t do that anymore so… It could be my computing desk but it’s really too far away from everything so…

    I’m SO glad you carved out a space of your own! It’s lovely! 😀

    1. Luckily I can see most of what’s going on, or at least it’s right outside my door. Small house probs.

    1. I was really sad when she was packing her backpack the next morning and gasped and said, “I need my stuff!” 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. Very nice space! Now I’m jealous. I’m in the dining room, myself. I will have to look around and see where I might carve some spot out for myself. Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and Uncommon Goods is one of my super favorite catalogs. I buy gifts from them every year!

    1. Thanks, A! I need to put a little cork board/memo board next to it, and maybe some shelves above. It’s a pretty large wall. xo

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