some stuff: wtf is that song? edition

Ladies and gentlemen, Kanye.


The other day during my run (okay, more like 3 weeks ago, since I am a slacker) I heard this amazing song. It was ethereal and indie and everything I love in a song, and I just had to know what it was. Unfortunately digging my phone out of my FlipBelt mid-run is next to impossible, so I decided to wait until I got home. But my Pandora app doesn’t give me any history, and googling “song with guitar and piano and clapping and oooh and ahhh” was only returning things like Rihanna and Katy Perry and just no. My Google skills are usually on point, but not this time. So I figured the best way to find out what it was was to just keep on listening to my Pandora station. And like 3 weeks later, I FOUND IT. Or it found me. It’s “Welcome Home” by Radical Face.

Click here if you can’t see the video.


Listen to Your Mother Austin has a cast for it’s 2015 show! It’s going to be an incredible show full of amazing stories, and I really hope to see you there! Tickets are on sale now!

Speaking of LTYM, my co-producer and I celebrated with our new cast, but we also grieve deep for the ones we are not able to cast. Sometimes a piece is really great, but we just can’t make it fit in the fabric of the show. My friend Carol (LTYM 2014 cast member…on her 4th attempt!) wrote an amazing post on how to deal with getting rejected. So You Didn’t Make the Listen to Your Mother Cast.


The Ultimate Splinter. (Gorgeous piece of writing by one of my new favorite blogs.)

Damn these are some old babies.

Watch out for the ruche. (Man I loved the ruche when I was pregnant.)

But girl. That hat.

It Goes So Fast (Not a Parenting Essay). From Allison Slater Tate: “No woman in the Target checkout line has ever touched my arm and solemnly said, “It goes so fast,” and meant my life. But I kind of wish someone had, back when I was in my 20s and my adult life seemed to lie before me like a vast blank page I could never possibly fill.”


Happy weekend!

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  1. Oh, thank you so much for the shout-out! In a week of rejection after rejection, your kindness here has helped with some sort of rebound.

    Also: I love this song you loved, so that means that if I lived in Austin, we’d be Besties, yes?

    And finally: I wanted to try out for the MN/Twin Cities Listen to Your Mother cast this year but had conflicts with work stuff. But it’s on my radar for the future–and I’ll keep in mind that not being selected puts me in good company.

    1. It’s my pleasure! I’m bummed you didn’t get to audition for LTYM! It’s such a great experience, and the Twin Cities ladies are all so lovely. Next year! But yes, most of the time getting rejected has so much less to do with talent than it does the fabric/journey of the show.

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