aaaahhhhh, spring has sprung and other weekend adventures

That is the collective sigh of everyone here in Austin this weekend as we checked our weather apps to see numbers in the 70s. You’re welcome, SXSW-goers, for this beautiful weather. No matter that just a few days ago we were suffering from freezing rainy weather and hadn’t seen the sun in weeks. WE DID THIS JUST FOR YOU.

This guy turned 37 on Friday. We celebrated with lots of trampoline time and the ugliest chocolate cake that ever caked. No, Claire is not bouncing 6 feet into the air. Just on a swing that swings her much higher than that so no big deal OMG PLEASE DON’T LET GO.

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It’s insane how much we love spring here. We unearth ourselves from mounds of blankets and fleeces and hoodies that we pile on when the temps fall below 50. We can go outside again! Scooter rides before 10am!




But the real reason we relish so much in spring is FEAR. Because we know that before we can say Oh my GOD can you believe this weather? we’ll sweating and complaining about the heat that we experience 6 months out of the year, every year, yet we continue to complain about it like we have never experienced it before. Every heat wave is a new experience.


Us again: Isn’t it this hot every summer?


Us again: …..

Us: Right.



But for the time being we’re enjoying this amazing weather. And so we head out to do fun stuff like climb the 8 million steps up Mount Bonnell, and we realize that everyone else kinda had the same idea. Austin + good weather = ALL THE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. (Because seriously, we don’t go out of doors in the summer.)





Oh, look at my quaint little cottage with its Spanish tile roof and landscaped gardens and 9 car garages and infinity pools and seriously, WHO LIVES HERE.




Every spring I feel this itch, like we must go out and do all the things. I want to spend all day out in this glorious city, listening to music and exploring and shopping and eating and drinking. And then I remember that I have children. When Rachel and Claire were really little, we had them on the strictest of schedules, which is what we, as parents, needed at the time. We needed to know when they would sleep and when they would eat. Mainly because I needed to know when I could sleep and when I could eat. And now that they’re older, we’re realizing that we have totally shot ourselves in the foot with this. I mean, life has definitely gotten easier. Christian and I actually ate a leisurely breakfast at the kitchen table Saturday morning while the kids finished up a show, then moved on to drawing and making books and playing on their own. It’s like we can breathe again and having three kids is becoming somewhat enjoyable. You know, as long as they know when they will eat and when they will sleep.

So that’s not so conducive to spending entire days out and about with no agenda.




Spring makes me want to sit on a patio and drink beer all night. Only again, children and responsibility, and foosball with 5 and 7-year-olds only goes so far when the handles are at punch-you-in-the-eye-level.

It’s important to note that all food in the photo below is made from doughnuts. Chicken fingers? Battered with doughnut dough. Hamburger? Doughnuts for buns. Beer? Okay, no doughnuts there, but still good. Happy birthday, birthday boy.




So for the time being we’re spending as much time outside as possible. You get a scooter ride, and YOU get a scooter ride, and YOU get a scooter ride!

We’ll venture out this spring, because we always do, and we’ll just make sure to pack all the snacks and make it fun, and maybe we’ll try some things we haven’t tried before, visit some places we’ve been wanting to go for years. Because nothing makes me love this city more than springtime, and I want my kids to love it here, not just live here.

But today, trampoline tango.




So that was a mildly boring wrap-up of our weekend. Nothing says “I’m a serious blogger looking to attract more readers!” than talking about the weather, amirite?


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  1. I must, at some point in my life, make it to that donut restaurant.
    It is now on my bucket list.
    I may come to Austin someday for the sole purpose of eating at the donut place. Meet me there?

  2. Is it terrible to say that I might hate you a little bit? We just got over a snowstorm yesterday and are expecting another one tomorrow…

    But happy birthday to your man and all of that. I’ll put you all back on my nice-list once we stop needing to shovel.

    1. Just remember that in summer, when you are able to go outside and enjoy yourself, we will be hibernating indoors, still sweating our asses off. 🙂

  3. I totally laughed out loud at your ugh why is it so hot comments, because I live in year-round tropical weather, and it’s always hot, yet we ask that same question all. the. time.

    Glad it’s better weather!

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