some stuff – happy long weekend edition

Happy long weekend! Unless you spent your whole weekend offline, then…Happy Tuesday?   From Medium – Letter to the Couple Licking Each Other Next to Me on This Couch On The New Yorker – Playground Purgatory (hiLARious) In honor of Mad Men hanging up its hat – Don Draper Rates the Strength of Your Wifi Password […]

the best Mother’s Day gift is finding out what your kids really think of you

Let’s talk about how awesome kids can make you feel when they’re asked a series of  random questions about you. And then let’s talk about how when you dig a little deeper, kids are, like, really self-absorbed, right? It’s like they know Mother’s Day is ultimately all about them, because without them, you would not be celebrating Mother’s […]

pajama shaming

Last week my parents and sister watched our kids while Christian and I were at the evening production of Listen to Your Mother Austin. I’m going to interject here and say that earlier in the afternoon, while my parents and sister and our dear friends attended the afternoon show, Christian dutifully and willingly hung out […]