what I’m watching: nature doc edition



As a part of the Netflix Stream Team, each month I get to share what I’m streaming on Netflix. What should I watch next?


The first time I met Christian’s mom, we went over to her apartment for her birthday, met the family, had some cake, and he and his little sister and I ended up watching a documentary on penguins on the National Geographic channel or something. Could have been Discovery. I don’t know, it was a long time ago.

We’re both nerds for documentaries – I for the social/cultural type and he for the nature/science type. Sometimes we have these evenings where dinner is eaten, baths are done, jammies are on, and because time stands still on the most exhausting days, it’s still not bedtime. Someday our children will be of the age where they just go to their room and squirrel around until they pass out in their beds, but let me tell you, today is not that day. Which I’m fine with, because I prefer the hugs to the impending, “Ugh, YOU again?” that will come in the teen years. But you get what I mean when I say  ETERNAL EVENING.

So to pass the time on these evenings where we don’t necessarily want to parent – I mean entertain them, Christian started dialing up some nature shows. Here are a few of our favorites:

mysteries of the unseen world netflixMysteries of the Unseen World – Prepare to be bombarded with never-ending questions as you discover things that are invisible to the naked eye, like the flight patterns of a dragonfly’s wings or the teeny tiny teensy weensy mites that live in your eyelashes. Oh, FFS.






speed kills netflixSpeed Kills – We’ve watched all three of these docs: Jungle, Savannah, and Ocean. Yes, it’s a little dramatic, but that’s what makes it interesting for the kids. Just a warning though, we learned that hard way that it can be a little graphic for pre-bedtime viewing. Oh look! That crocodile just mutilated that wildebeest! Well, sweet dreams!



blue planet bbc netflixBlue Planet – Explore all facets of the deep blue sea in 8 episodes and maybe even let your kids fall asleep on your lap because the ocean is super relaxing, unless it involves sharks, and then it is not really all that relaxing at all.







expedition borneo netflixExpedition: Borneo – I initially thought this would be more about the nature of Borneo, but 1 episode in we learned that it’s more about the scientists and camera people that are exploring the land. It’s still fascinating, but less so for the young kids. But I will always have this series to thank for my kids’ fascination/fear of blood sucking leeches. Also, scorpions. And centipedes. Really, a whole lotta bugs. You’ve been warned.




So maybe a lot of these docs may be a little heavier on the killing and the bugs than some would prefer right before sending kids off the bed. But they are pretty relaxing. I rarely sit with them to watch kids’ movies or shows, so watching these documentaries gives us all a chance to spend a little time together in the evening. Bonus if any of us actually learn something.

What are you watching?

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