some stuff: tell it to my heart edition

I’ve had this Some Stuff sitting in my drafts for ages. Meh. It’s summer. We’re busy summering and stuff.

First off, I watched the new Tig documentary, and it was amazing. Of course. But probably almost as amazing was getting retweeted by Taylor Dayne.

taylor dayne twitter


Interesting conversation on the GiaB Facebook page the other day: Do you actively read blogs, or do you tend to just read what comes across your Facebook feed? I have some pretty consistent and loyal readers here (and I LOVE you for it). But it feels like people sit down less often just to read blogs anymore.

Some Stuff

I went Paleo and now I hate everything

Dear Blogger: You Are Doing it Wrong.

11 things only introverted parents will understand. There’s been a ton of articles flaring around lately about introverts, including the new site from Susan Cain called Quiet Revolution. But this piece on The Mid is totally hilarious. You guys, I LIVE #4.

This blogger lost her husband suddenly and the community is rallying around her and her family to help.

The Harper Lee ‘Go Set a Watchman’ Fraud – Have you read it? Will you?

Paul Rudd doesn’t age.

Why I cried reading my Voices of the Year article at BlogHer ’15. MUST watch.

Loops, Glitches Raise Questions About Texas Dash Cam Video. It’s a scary feeling when we don’t feel we can trust our law enforcement, those that are supposed to keep us safe. I’ve been nervous being pulled over before, but I’ve gotten more warnings than tickets, and I have never been afraid for my life. No one should be.

I cannot get enough of this song. I can listen to it over and over and over and never get tired of it. SO GOOD.



We do NOT camp in the summer here in Texas, but I know you lucky people further north might. My humor piece about camping with kids was featured on The Mid, in case you wanted to know what you are in for. 29 things that will definitely happen when camping with kids.

I wrapped up my feelings about BlogHer ’15. I cannot wait for next year.

Had a super awkward sex talk with Rachel on the way home from Costco. Like you do.


Happy weekending!



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  1. You really are the coolest. (Even Taylor Dayne thinks so)
    (and how about that Paul Rudd quiz? I got 14/17 ! And we should know…we just saw him! )


  2. I gotta click around like crazy now, thanks to all your links.

    And I totally agree that people don’t sit and read blogs like they used to. Every now and then, when I’m in my archives, I’m like, “I used to get 58 comments, easily, on a post. Now I can hardly get 2.” Kinda hard not to take personally. Heh-heh.

    1. I know that a lot of people definitely comment less, even if they are reading. Thanks, iPhones. But it’s also the pure saturation of material and content out there that’s thrown at us from every direction. If I share a link of mine on Facebook, it gets lost in a sea of other, possibly more important and newsworthy links out there.

  3. I could on for days about Tig.
    I was sobbing when her mom died and she didn’t get to say goodbye?

    By the way, did you just change your blog profile picture or am I just noticing it?
    You look amazing.
    You always look amazing but the picture is amazing.
    And now I feel like I commented on it before.
    I am losing it.

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