adventures in Stitch Fix #2

You guys asked and you shall receive. A [brutally honest] review of my second Stitch Fix* box! You can all let out the collective breaths you’ve been holding for the past three months. I get my shipments every other month, but I haven’t exactly caught on to the act of doing timely reviews, so here we are.

Edited to add: It’s come to my attention that people want actual photos of me in the actual clothes. I’ll think about it. I’m a) rarely photo-ready when trying these things on, and b) lazy.

The 2nd fix

I’ll come right out and say this box was a total dud. Some things looked okay on paper, but I didn’t love anything right off the bat. What’s worse: loving things and then hating them on, or not really being excited to try anything at all (hence less disappointment)?

Anywho. Since I’m so behind, I misplaced the little sheet that said how much everything was, but I’ll so my best to estimate. Most of the Stitch Fix items are consistent in pricing anyway.

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1. Kut From the Kloth Mila Dress – $98

This looks like a cute little black dress, perfect for summer. The problem is, I am of average height (5’4″) and not too terribly slender, so long dresses make me look shorter and more squat, even with heels. Long dresses look great on a certain body type, and that body type is not mine.

You can’t tell in the picture, but the dress has a wrap style bust with a little ruffle along the neckline. So along with being short and not terribly thin, I also do not have the boobies to fill out this dress, and I hate ruffles anyway, unless they come in potato chip form.

In summary, I was not about to pay $100 for a dress that made me look like a squatty gnome and didn’t even come in sour cream and onion flavor. Your move, Stitch Fix.

2. Papermoon Milly Dress – $68?

What a cute dress! I’m not crazy about the zipper in the back, but I do like gray, because I am boring (that’s not meant to be derisive; I really do own all the neutrals). The dress was comfortable, but the fit was meh.

Why no, good sir, I am NOT pregnant, why do you ask?  #pleats

3. Loveappella Lian Zipper Detail Knit Top  – $48

I love a good tshirt, only this was less of a tshirt and more of a knit sausage casing, reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s blue period. And what is with the super pronounced zippers on the backs of knit shirts and dresses? If you feel the need to unzip a knit top to get it on, you’ve graduated from “sausage casing” to “painted on.”

I’m just going to say it. The multicolored chevron print was hideous and did my figure exactly zero favors.

4. Kut From the Kloth Danny Knit Pant – $78

Damn these pants were comfy! They were slim fit, like jeggings, and I love my GAP jeggings. They were a tad too long, if by tad you mean lots and lots of inches. But if you find a good pair of pants, it’s worth getting them hemmed, right?

The most important part of trying on a new pair of pants is the pocket check. If the pockets are too high, they look like mom jeans. If they are too wide, they make your butt look bigger. Perfect pants have to have the perfect pockets.

The pockets on these pants were high, wide, and small, making my butt look like a massive black planet. I ripped them off and shook my fist at all of the pocket injustices of the world.

5. Pixley Colibri Heart Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse – $48

I loved this shirt! Well, I liked this shirt. I have actually been shopping around for something this style. It’s longer and looks cute with skinny jeans or shorts. The only problem with this top is I am not a huge fan of hearts. I would never deliberately buy something with hearts on it. Okay, I actually kind of hate them.

So why was I about to keep this top? That’s the magic of Stitch Fix, folks. I’ve determined that by giving me only 5 choices, if I feel even so-so about one of them, I am tempted to keep it. My husband even tried to get me to keep it, so as not to waste my $20 styling fee. But I can’t pay $28 MORE for a shirt that I don’t even really like that much. So the shirt and my styling fee both went out the window.


In conclusion… I received this box in May (I KNOW! So behind. How did you even stand it?) and kept nothing. I pondered whether or not to even continue the service, but I thought giving it one more try couldn’t hurt.

Since I was disappointed in this fix, I made sure to leave detailed notes during my checkout process, letting my stylist know exactly what is was I didn’t like about each item (NO HEARTS PLZ THX). I also started ramping up my Pinterest board devoted to style, but I am not a huge Pinterest person, so I have to make an active effort to do so. Right now my active efforts are reserved pretty much for sleeping, drinking coffee, and eating cheese.

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  1. Aw, sorry it didn’t work out. Before I read your post, I looked at the picture and totally crushed on the heart shirt. But that’s because I’m cheesy when it comes to shirts (also, that kind of fit is my favorite).

    1. I loved the fit. And I made sure the stylist knew that, so hopefully I will get another one, sans hearts.

  2. I had to take a break. I hated not having the option to try things on in a different size or color. That probably sounds stupid.

    1. It doesn’t sound stupid! But I wonder how many people buy something just because it’s “okay” and because they’re already $20 in.

  3. I like hearts on other people, but not me. So your logic makes sense to moi. But more importantly, thank you for using the term “sausage casing” in a fashion-related post.

  4. I’m sure I’ve told you this 100 times, but I’m addled, so here it is again… I had such hit-and-miss with Stitch Fix. They couldn’t seem to process and heed my feedback. Drove me nuts! I do have about three tops that I bought from them, and really love, so it wasn’t a total loss. After my third (or fourth? I can be a slow learner) box, and what I felt was a lot of feedback, I gave up. Once, they sent me a long, black, crochet – think: your grandmother’s afghan – when I asked for light, summery dress to wear in Texas (aka Surface of the Sun).

    It’s a great concept, when it works. I finally decided that while I don’t love to shop, I do have time to do enough shopping here and there. For now, I don’t need the hassle of returning Stitch Fix boxes.

    1. I figure since I only do it every other month, it’s worth it…as long as they send me at least one thing I like. The thing is, I would rarely spend $48 on a top at a store, so I guess the joke’s on me.

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