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I haven’t had a lot of time to write this summer. And if I’m being honest, I haven’t had a whole lot of inspiration either. It’s been an incredibly busy season, which I have not really been able to say in the past. Previous summers have consisted of seemingly never-ending days, weeks, months of heat and sweat. If we weren’t at the pool, we were hibernating in the air conditioning, driving each other crazy.

But this summer was different for several reasons. It was a summer of “Wow, this summer’s going by fast!” and the summer of not really wanting school to start.



It was the summer of starting a new job the same week the kids started summer vacation.

The summer of our first family vacation in 6 years. The last time that happened we came home with a bun in the oven. Rest assured that steps were taken to insure that did not happen again.

It was the summer of beaches.



It was the summer of YMCA day camp.

The summer of missing my kids immensely when they were at YMCA day camp.



It was the summer of fulfilling a dream and planting the seeds for possible passions.

Rachel and me, wading with stingrays, her absolutele favorite.
Rachel and me, wading with stingrays, her absolutele favorite.

It was the summer of cousins.




It was the summer of sisters.



We fulfilled the weirdest summer bucket list item by going to CiCi's Pizza. Pizza for miles and games galore had my girls like WHOA.
We fulfilled the weirdest summer bucket list item by going to CiCi’s Pizza. Pizza for miles and games galore had my girls like WHOA.

And a summer of the discovery of Sonic the Hedgehog and Hello Kitty comic books, courtesy of the public library. YOU SAVED SUMMER.


It was the summer of hanging our heads out the window, because who cares? And I have bigger battles to fight.


Basically it was the summer of me not really wanting summer to be over.

As much as I agonized over this whole camp thing – it’s day camp! Stop being ridiculous! – I know it was really good for them. I feel we’ve turned a bit of a corner this summer in more ways than one. Not once did I have to write “Summer is killing me!” Gone are the days of sweating through a walk around the block with a clunky stroller and two toddlers running in separate directions. Gone are the days of sweating through explaining over and over again to crying children that it’s time to leave the pool. Gone are the days of sweating through a trip to the store for that one thing that just couldn’t wait for the evening. (It was probably toilet paper. With three girls, it’s always toilet paper.) I mean, we did plenty of sweating this summer (fun summer activity – whiling away almost the entire afternoon giving your kids the longest baths eve, one by one), just not over the small stuff.

Some things we did made me realize that I need to help my kids to be more independent. Others made me realize that I need to just let them be sometimes. And other things reminded me that they still need me quite a bit. More on that coming up someday.

So no. I’m not exactly ready for school to start. I mean, I’m ready to have some days and hours to do the work people are paying me to do so I hopefully don’t get fired. But I’m not ready to drag kids out of bed at 6:30am. All summer long I’ve been getting up early to work. I’m usually able to get in an hour or so before they start ambling in one by one, requesting breakfast while rubbing their eyes and blowing their stinky morning breath on me. I’m not ready to give up the lazy quality that even our busiest summer yet has had.

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  1. I was pulled, kicking, into this summer. But now, like you, I’m sorry to see it end. Truly, every summer gets better because, well, to be honest, parenting (at least for me) just gets better as the kids grow up. Every year that passes, I love them harder and easier, and I like them more. We have increasing amounts of fun with each other. You have a lot to look forward to, my friend.

  2. With the oldest just starting kindergarten, this was an interesting summer — I mean, while there is preschool, next summer will be the first time that summer actually feels “different” than the rest of the year.

    But, like you, I’m finding that I need to do more to establish my kids’ independance . . . both from each other (though CJ being in kindergarten as Leila completes another year of pre-school will do that) and from us parents (again, school *should* help that).

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