it went well I think


If you couldn’t tell by the massive amounts of photos of awkwardly smiling kids carrying backpacks twice as big as they are, this week marked the first week of school for a whole lotta people.

My girls have waffled back and forth between SO EXCITED! and yeah, no thanks, school. And to tell the truth, I’ve done the same. I spent the entire summer setting my alarm for 6am (instead of the 5:30 that I do for the school year) so I could work, but I’m still not thrilled to start the hectic mornings of packing lunches, making breakfast, and ordering kids to get dressed, brush teeth, pack their backpacks, and help me search for the inevitable missing shoes. Always one shoe missing, always the one they absolutely must wear.


Thankfully, spirits ran high on Tuesday, along with a few nerves. Rachel didn’t seem to want to eat her breakfast. Whereas Claire will state upfront that she’s nervous and might be shy (then proceeds to chat up everyone within earshot), Rachel is quiet and withdrawn when she’s unsure about something. But she carefully picked out an outfit that made her feel awesome: Wonder Woman tee, shorts, her new Chucks, and a pair of sunglasses.

I spent the majority of my day fielding Facebook notifications as my Facebook friends and I checked out each other’s back-to-school photos, and I found myself looking at the pictures of my own girls over and over again, in complete disbelief that I am the mother of two 2nd graders and a kindergartener. My baby is in school, y’all.


Zoe’s been my little buddy for so long, I haven’t really been able to process what life will be like with her gone every day. I keep reminding myself that she’s not staying home with me tomorrow, like her every-other-day preschool formerly dictated. I’m used to taking the big girls to school and coming home to her watching Wild Kratts and requesting breakfast, sometimes second breakfast (just like the hobbits of the Shire!). She came out of school all smiles, but quickly got overwhelmed by the chaos of the pick up area. Her face started to droop, and she asked that I hold her. “I don’t want to come here ever again,” she cried into my shoulder. “It’s too long!”

Even though she’s been ready for kinder for quite some time, there’s still an adjustment period to be had. Rachel and Claire said the same thing when they started school. “Kindergarten is SO LONG for mommies and daddies to come back!” It took a few weeks, but we got there, and I don’t anticipate it will take Zoe as long to acclimate.

So it went well, I think. I am the mother of three school-ages children. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, but then Christian and I went out to breakfast, so…

Also, if backpacks were personalities, I’d say we nailed this one.


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    1. Isn’t it cute? She decided on it on a whim after seeing Zoe getting hers cut. I’m glad she took that chance. Even if she looks like a damn teenager.

  1. Agree – that haircut is so cute! Your words about Zoe going to school always make my heart ache a tad because I know I’ll feel that way when my youngest goes…sniff. Not to mention I do not want to pack another damn lunch.

  2. You know, part of me was TRULY sad that my son started kindergarten . . . I’m “too young” to be a father of a school-aged kid.

    Leila starts next year.

    But, I’m realizing that, in a year, I’ll be able to work from home — and actually get a day’s worth of work done. Without having to juggle sippy cups & officiate television battles (because, well, when I’m working from home, the TV is my babysitter). I’ll be able to take myself out to breakfast . . . yeah, there are perks to the kids growing up.

    Not that it makes it any easier.

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