back to school with Zappos and the #dayofwow

zappos #dayofwow

This post is generously sponsored by Zappos.

“How many balloons do you think are in there?” I asked my kids, pen poised over the scrap of paper to place in the jar.

“Five thousand fifty hundred!”

So we need a little work on our numbers. Mainly the concept that “five thousand fifty hundred” is not one. I had the best of intentions at the beginning of the summer. We downloaded an app their teachers recommended that helped track their progress in math. We signed on exactly twice and spent most of the exercises freaking out about not being able to find the numbers on the keyboard. Learning is hard.

So maybe we need to work on our numbers AND our typing.

I grew up in my parents’ office – they owned a little office supply/print shop in downtown Dallas when I was younger – so I spent many days whiling away the hours on my mom’s typewriter (not even a computer, kids!) and calculator, the kind with the paper rolls, or painting my nails with White Out. And carbon paper! Carbon paper was my jam.

(Also, I used to run random pieces of paper through the mail meter, over and over again, only to watch it shoot out the other end. I was completely oblivious to the idea that each stamp cost actual money. Sorry, Dad.)

I don’t think we won the balloon count, even when I did adjust their numbers to something more realistic, like 552. But we DID have an absolutely fantastic day at the Zappos #dayofwow, held down at the Fair Market in downtown East Austin, an area of town that is at least 37 times hipper than I am.

Zappos #dayofwow

So a Day of Wow basically contains everything you can imagine to help kids get pumped for back to school. In conjunction with Crafting Community and benefitting the j.k. livin foundation, Day of Wow featured tons of family friendly activities and crafts for kids of all ages and school levels.

We hopped into a photo booth and had our picture taken with ridiculous glasses and props while the girls waved pom poms in our faces, then headed straight over to the Keds booth, where each girl was given a pair of bright white canvas shoes to decorate at the tie-dye station. Remember drawing on your Keds? Our poor mothers. My biggest accomplishment of this day was suppressing my inner control freak when Claire did not see the point of making her left shoe look anything like her right.

zappos #dayofwow

Next up was hammering decorative brads into leather shapes to make fun keychains or pins to attach to a pencil case, also courtesy of Keds. No one hammered a finger! I call that a win.

zappos #dayofwow
Denim & Leather: Craft station, or bar in the Warehouse District?

The best part about this event was that it was not overwhelming for our three girls. I mean, sure, we had to abandon the beaded zipper pulls because with my poorly engineered body containing only two arms, I could only help one kid at a time, causing the other kid to pout and wander off. But a) we were inside, so there was really nowhere she could go, and b) she was easy to find, thanks to the strategically placed snacks and tubs of Honest Kids juice. If you’re looking for my kids, they will always be by the snacks.

Case in point:

zappos #dayofwow

We also enjoyed food from Franks Hot Dogs, which I had coincidentally just visited the weekend before (order the giant pretzel; trust me on this), drinks from Honest Kids juice, and the most delicious all-natural popsicles from Cold Ones. Every bit of this event was so very Austin, and we loved it.

zappos #dayofwow
Rachel is wearing her new Chucks, and Claire her new Crocs, both from Zappos. We had to exchange Zoe’s Crocs for a different size. Guess what? They will send you the new size right away, and you have 2 weeks to send back the return.

Here are a few more shots of our day. The girls are still talking about it, and Zoe even wore her custom Keds on the first day of kindergarten, because she is completely rad like that.

zappos #dayofwow


zappos #dayofwow
Rachel’s shoes


zappos #dayofwow

Zoe made a button for every single design they had available. Thank you, sweet button lady, for encouraging her creativity. And her name was Claire, which had my Claire like WHOA.

Also, see that backpack? Courtesy of Dakine and FILLED with amazing goodies from Honest Shampoo & Body Wash to Mabels Labels to the exact Yoobi pom pom keychains I insisted the girls spend their own money on when we were school supply shopping last week.

Back to school has been fun so far, but compared the the Day of Wow, all other days pale in comparison. Crafts are my love language with the girls (when I have enough hands to appease everyone), and this day was truly WOW.

zappos #dayofwow
New favorite picture everrrrrrr



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  1. I LOVE that last picture! And I agree with Jennifer, there is totally a LOT of WOW going on! (Also I love Zappos. Cortney is a VIP because SHOES!)

  2. All of it looks so great but I have to say, the best part is that your kids got to be mega crafty and you didn’t have to clean it up. That’s my love language.

  3. I am SO jealous. That sounds like the most perfect day EVER.

    Also, A) you are SO lucky that you grew up around office supplies. That would be, like, my childhood DREAM.

    B) Those are AWESOME custom Keds!

    Did I say that I’m super jealous? I so am.

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