what I’m watching: Tig & more edition


As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, each month I get to talk about what I’m dreaming. What are YOU watching?

Full disclosure: I haven’t been watching a lot of TV lately. The end of summer and the start of school have me falling asleep by long about 9pm. My kids went to bed late all summer, and haven’t quite caught on to earlier school year bedtimes, leaving little time for anything beyond falling face first into the couch. A night person, I am not.

But despite my extreme lameness, I do have a few things to share with you beyond the typical OITNB, Kimmy Schmidt, and My Little Pony (thank you, Season 5, for giving us a much needed break from all the Monster High).

tog notaro documentary posterTig – You guys. I have been practically jumping out of my skin, waiting for this documentary to come out. Tig Notaro is one of my absolute favorite performers in the history of the world. I’m not a huge stand up person (I don’t have a love for crass, gross, or shocking humor), but Tig is on a whole other level. I first started hearing her on This American Life (the Taylor Dane story – amazing), then saw her as a keynote speaker at BlogHer ’14 (I was in the same room with her!), and I’ve been eating up all things Tig ever since. The Tig documentary is an endearing and insightful look into the life of one of the best comics around. WATCH IT.

queen of versailles documentary posterThe Queen of Versailles – Continuing my obsession with society and culture documentaries, I watched this 2012 film months ago, before the death of Jackie Siegel’s oldest daughter Victoria. Watching the extent of this family’s excess and subsequent fall from fortune (well, to their standards at least) was completely fascinating and extremely sad. Like any good documentary, I found myself both repulsed by Jackie and her lifestyle (as they lost millions and she was demoted to Christmas shopping at Walmart, where she still spent thousands on gifts her children either already had to didn’t give a damn about) and feeling sorry for her (as she repeatedly tries to connect with her stressed, workaholic husband, Westgate Resorts over David Siegel).

brain games netflixBrain Games – This National Geographic show has become one of our favorite things to watch in the evenings to wind down before bedtime. We all find it insanely interesting how our brain perceives sounds or takes shortcuts to figure things out, and more. Sometimes the girls can figure out what’s going on, and sometimes they are completely blown away (me too). It’s a fun family show!





project mc2 posterWe got to check out, Project MC2, a new show aimed at tween girls about a group of super smart and science savvy girls recruited to join the spy organization NOV8 (innovate). The show is cute and very “girl power,” and maybe a little over my girls’ heads (ages 7, 7, and 5), but tween girls will love the mix of smarts and style. And my science-loving girls were stoked to get a Camryn doll and some science experiments in the mail. We put the goggles straight to use.





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  1. I haven’t watched Brain Games yet, but now I will because you recommended it.
    I loved the Tig documentary and was so glad I watched it.

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