stop stalking me, Taye Diggs

At first glance, a thirty-something, nondescript mother of three from the almost-suburbs of Austin, Texas doesn’t sound like someone that would have easily gotten on Taye Diggs’ radar, but the truth is, I can’t exactly figure out to get OFF of his radar. If you don’t know who Taye Diggs is, he’s an actor who was the eye candy in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, then starred in the original Broadway production of Rent, but was pretty much “you know, that guy!” from several films and TV shows, until he landed a regular gig on Private Practice.

He was also married to Elsa until she got super famous. #letitgo
He was also married to Elsa until she got super famous. #letitgo

It all started with Twitter. Anyone who’s anyone knows that Taye Diggs has a thing for Mommy Bloggers. And by “anyone,” I mean you probably only know that if you are indeed a Mommy Blogger. I’m not one for labels, but I’ll label myself an Unwanted Facial Hair Blogger if it gets me celebrity followers.

taye diggs twitter
I don’t even know what that means, Taye Diggs.


For months and months, my Mommy Blogger friends (I’ll call them MBs) piped up one by one.

“Taye Diggs just followed me on Twitter! Squeeeeee!”


taye diggs twitter


In January, as you can see, I was getting a little jaded. Taye (can I call you Taye?) seemed to be following everyone in blogland but me. What gives, Diggs? And why did I care so much? I mean, don’t tell him, but I’ve never seen Rent, and I stopped watching Private Practice long before it went off the air. But the need to be followed by Taye Diggs was intoxicating, like when everyone you know gets invited to some party, and you’re sitting on pins and needles, awaiting your invitation, even though you don’t really care to go to the party, but you you suddenly can’t stand the thought of not belonging.

(Don’t hate, Taye. I totally care about you.)


Taye Diggs twitter

Taye Diggs twitter


Taye Diggs twitter


Taye eventually caught on and followed me, which made me 0% more conscious about my twitter behavior. I can only sit here now and imagine how much my ridiculous tweets about Netflix and coffee and how badly my children’s feet smell have enriched his Twitter experience.



In July I was in NYC for BlogHer, where Taye was performing on Broadway in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I did NOT see Taye in the Big Apple, but the streets were really crowded, and I’m sure he was only a few people deep behind me. Taye, next time we’ll be saving you a seat for our midnight jaunt to Ray’s Pizza.

Now at BlogHer, there was this photographer who was fantastic. He was everywhere, snapping amazing candid moments of the conference. Bloggers started thanking him on Twitter for the fantastic photos, so I looked him up. His name is Chris Pestel. He went to West Point, which is pretty rad, but guess what?


chris pestel taye diggs twitter


Yup. Taye Diggs follows him too. Because of course he does.

Moving on. Friday I was excited to see the author announcement for the 2015 Texas Book Festival. Even though the only author event we made it to last year was an over-the-head, 47 people deep shot of Ziggy Marley reading his children’s book, it’s one of my favorite events of the year. I scanned the list of authors and came across local author Kari Anne Holt. She has a new YA book out called House Arrest, but I’ve been reading her blog, Haiku of the Day, for years, although you may have heard of her in this viral (and ridiculous) case.

Anyway, I scrolled down and guess who the Texas Book Festival thinks I may be interested in?

Any guesses?


taye diggs twitter Kari Anne holt


That’s right. Taye Diggs. Taye Diggs has a new children’s book out and will be making an appearance at the Texas Book Festival. Try as I might, I just can’t get away from his Taye-dar.

I thought about hounding some of my friends who are bound to have access to the author tent at the festival. I could confront Taye Diggs and his stalkerish ways, then maybe ask for an autograph and a selfie. Or I can sit back and enjoy the festival and await our imminent run in. Or you can watch for my over-the-head, 47-people-deep photo from his reading.



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  1. He doesn’t follow me, which makes me sad, but also makes me think that he probably made up a fake Twitter account that he uses to follow me because obviously.

  2. Oh. My. God. Taye Diggs followed me on Twitter earlier this year and I was flummoxed, could not figure it out for the life of me. I don’t really blog but I do have an author website and I’m definitely a mom (of five). Now I know! You have solved the mystery for me, lol.

  3. I had no idea about this Taye Diggs phenomenon, but this is exactly the motivation I needed to start blogging again. #1 goal: get some Taye. Thank you.

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