The ABCs of LAT

I’m tired and lethargic (are those the same?) and I kept a kid home who isn’t nearly as sick today as she was last night, so how about some ABCs?


A – Age: 36, for a few more weeks at least.

B – Biggest Fear: Guns. And not because it’s timely and newsy. I’ve always been terrified of them. Seeing one in real life, even not loaded, spikes my blood pressure and anxiety like nothing else.

C – Current time: 8:21am

D – Drink you last had: COFFEE

E – Easiest person to talk to: Christian.

F – Favorite song: Like, right now? It’s a tie between The Emotion by BØRNS, Stay Gold by First Aid Kit, and 10,000 Emerald Pools, also by BØRNS. I’ll sprinkle them through this post.

G – Grossest memory: All of the poop, spit up, and potty training from the baby days all kind of blends together. But I have one.

When Rachel was a baby, Christian was laying on the floor and playing with her, tossing her gently up in the air and catching her. Their faces were perfectly aligned when Rachel produced a slimy stream of spit up, right into Christian’s mouth.

– Hometown: Dallas, y’all.

– In love with: My husband. My kids. David Sedaris.

We have lots of fun at family outings.
We have lots of fun at family outings.

– Jealous of: People who can sing and dance. I can do neither. Like, I can’t even fake it.

– Killed someone? ‪Only in my dreams and in that last game of Mortal Kombat I played in 1992.

– Longest relationship: Romantic? The one I’m in with this guy I call my husband. Otherwise, probably my unabashed love for the Old 97s that dates back to 1996.

– Middle name: Ann. And let me just go ahead and state the apparently NOT so obvious: no, my name is not Leigh Ann Ann. Yes, it’s happened. More than once.

– Number of siblings: One.

– One wish: That my kids grow up to find fulfillment in something they love to do. Kind of like how I feel about napping, but if they can support themselves doing it, even better.

– Person you last called: The pediatrician. I got a busy signal, so apparently I’m not the only one wondering if her kid has strep. (She doesn’t.)

– Question you’re always asked: “Where is ________?” It’s under your bed/in the closet/on the second shelf in the pantry/probably behind something. I’m starting to think I’m the only one who actually lives here.

– Reason to smile: I’m home snuggling with my sickie 5-year-old today. (Reasons to NOT smile: She keeps coughing on me.)

– Song you last sang:  To stave away bad dreams, I sing a song to Rachel every night that goes like this:

Unhappy thoughts go away
Happy dreams are here to stay.

Rachel struggles with some mild anxiety, and weeks ago she kept insisting that her bed was giving her unhappy thoughts, which she was scared would turn into nightmares. So I offered to take out her unhappy thoughts, kind of like how Dumbledore teaches Harry to siphon out his memories and place them into the Pensieve. I stroke her hair and pretend I’m pulling out the unhappy thoughts, leaving her only with good ones.

– Time you woke up: Alarm – 5:30; up – 6:00

– Underwear color: Black with white polka dots.

– Vacation destination: Oh geez, this is hard. I’d love to go so many places – back to Mexico, to Europe, back to NYC, back to the beach, back to tha hotel. I don’t even care what hotel, as long as they have cable and a breakfast buffet.

– Worst habit: Procrastination; not making time for myself.

– X-rays you’ve had: Uh, lemme see. Ankles, knees, ribs, arms. Let’s go with MY ENTIRE BODY.

– Your favorite food: I can’t choose. I’m a sucker for a good taco, a good burger, a delicious salad, and sweet potato fries. Also cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, and peanut butter. Not to mention doughnuts and Dr. Pepper and yogurt-covered pretzels. And bacon.

– Zodiac sign: Libra. I am the picture of indecision and am easily influenced. But on the positive side, I’m also pretty diplomatic and I’m not exactly what you call cunning. Doormat, I relate to you.

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  1. I’m seeing David Sedaris on November 21!
    (Not to brag.)

    Wish you could come with me so we could celebrate our Libra birthdays together.
    October 5th, baby.

    But I’m ten years older than you are.
    (Not to brag.)

    1. I’m October 15th!

      I will definitely do my best to see David Sedaris every time he comes to town. He’s so great. Take a book for him to sign. He drew my butt in mine.

  2. I adore how you put coffee in all caps. 🙂 Your gross memory is quite gross but aren’t you glad it wasn’t YOU???

    And I cannot really decide not he food either. I like a lot. But the things i mentioned were the first 2 that popped into my head. Food is so good.

  3. Ohhh, that gross memory! I could hurl just thinking about it.

    I think David Sedaris is coming back to me, a mere 10 miles away this time. I need to see him again, to apologize for insulting him the last time.

  4. Strep sadly is going around here in NY and seriously as soon as school starts it is like we just open Pandora’s door for all sorts illness, strep just being one of them! But seriously COFFEE should always be in caps 😉

  5. I’m listening to your songs and I love them. I do not know these bands but I like them!

    Also..I wish you were back in NY too so we could go to lunch and giggle as we walked around the city!

    Last but not least, you almost made me cry with the Harry Potter reference and pulling those bad dreams out. That’s what makes you amazing mom and person.

    1. BORNS is awesome! We are going to see him at the ACL fest this weekend. Let’s just pretend that he was NOT born in 1992, okay?

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