balance and progress

This photo’s a little dark and blurry; it’s hard to photograph kids on scooters when you’re already significantly behind them. I’m trying to capture Rachel coasting on this downhill stretch, with her right leg up off the ground. She’s completely balancing on her left leg for several yards at a time. This is a big deal. These […]


I turned 37 recently, and for weeks in my head I had been writing about how I am completely happy and content reaching my mid-to-late 30s. But before I could get anything down on paper, our dishwasher broke, and I found myself spending inordinate amounts of time hand-washing dishes and cursing our need to eat food […]

we survived the ACL Festival

Over the years, we’ve watched the Austin City Limits Festival grow from practically nothing to one of the biggest music festivals in the world, which still blows my mind. Christian and I attended ACL years and years ago, before it got so huge. In 2003 we celebrated our first wedding anniversary on the same weekend ACL […]