commitment and procrastination

While I really want to love Halloween, it’s a stressful holiday for me. I usually commit to making – or at least attempting to throw together – the majority of my kids’ costumes. I don’t sew, but I will hot glue the hell out of things to get them to stay together for at least one night.

hello kitty rouge the bat knuckles the echidna halloween

This year we had Hello Kitty (easy: pink dress, white shirt and tights, HK mask from a costume shop), Rouge the Bat (black tank top and leggings, pink heart, bat ears, and bat wings left over from 2012. I put it together mostly thanks to this tutorial), and Knuckles the Echidna.

At first I thought, Knuckles! That’ll be easy! We’ll just get a red sweatsuit, and I’m sure I can make a headpiece and some oversized white gloves…..

Knuckles the echidna-signature-pose

And then Christian was all, We’re buying it.

And I was all, No! I can throw it together! It’ll be fun!

And he was all, Have you seen yourself in Halloweens past? Besides, I ordered it yesterday.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is probably why I had costumes 85% completed about two weeks before Halloween. Because he was right. Not only am I busy with work and life, I’m a huge procrastinator. And you know red sweatsuits are in abundance except for the one time you really need one. He saved me with that purchase.

Of course I always leave the few, most important details for last. Saturday morning found me attempting to spray paint a pair of black boxing gloves white, and when that didn’t work, I tried wrapping them in some spare white tshirts I had laying around (hooray for hoarding!), and THAT is when I realized I was out of hot glue sticks, and the super glue wasn’t cutting it, and I had misplaced an entire package of safety pins, and I knew somewhere in this house is an unopened package of no-sew adhesive, so instead I turned to the magic that is clear packing tape to get these fucking gloves done, and BAM. Her face when she saw them was well worth the shit I lost trying to put them together.

She wore them to exactly one house before she ditched them in the bottom of our friend’s stroller.

Man, I hope they remember these years.
Man, I hope they remember these years.

I’m shooting for something crazy this month: National Blog Posting Month, where I’ll be attempting to post something – anything! – every day in November. It’s a lofty goal, seeing as I can barely manage to post once a week lately. Usually when NaBloPoMo comes around, I think the participants are crazy. Then I get a little envious. Then when they all want to impale themselves on their laptops, I feel better about my decision to not take part. But here I am.

So if you see me suddenly flooding your reader or your inbox or taking over your life completely, know that it’s temporary. I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled laziness in no time.

Post #1: DONE. *happy dance*

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  1. I am the SAME way when it comes to the awesome idea of “making things because it’s SO fun!” And I’m a huge procrastinator. We are like the same person. Totes. Good luck with your NaBloPoMo adventure!

  2. I’d do all the “write everyday for a month” challenges if it wasn’t for weekends. Is there a “post every weekday and take the weekends off” writing challenge?

    Good luck! You can do this.

    PS I’m exactly like you about the costumes. Procrastinators unite!

  3. I’m not too proud to admit that I purchase costumes . . . every year, however, it’s a fine line – you want to start looking early to find a decent price & ensure you get what you want, but you can’t do it TOO SOON, lest the kids change their mind.

    This year, we were successful.

  4. I LOVE the costumes! I’m also a procrastinator, slowly working on it though. Good luck on the NaBloPoMo challenge! It’ll be a long, rough month but it’ll be worth it!

  5. Awww yea. She’s doing it. Yay for you! I might still attempt the NaBloPoMo Light again – which is the one where you post for several days in the beginning of the month and then you crash and burn before Thanksgiving. Still not decided. Speaking of procrastinators. Great costumes! Not sewing is the best.

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