shopping is torture

old navy dress
This is NOT the dress, but apparently it’s not even on the site anymore.

I don’t usually have much wisdom to impart here, but I do have one nugget for you today, and that nugget is this:

If you are ever out shopping for something to wear to an event, and you happen across a dress that is super cute and fits well, but maybe it’s a little big in the bust because you don’t have all that much up there, and but you don’t really care because it’s only $12.99 on clearance, you had better SNATCH THAT PUPPY UP. Because you will fail to find something at the next store, but you don’t really have time to drive all over town, and so you decide to go back and get the dress, but it has to be tomorrow because shopping is exhausting. You know the dress will be safe on the clearance rack.

But when you return – less than 18 hours later – the dress will be GONE.

And then you’ll hastily have to regroup while internally freaking out because who has time for this shit?

(This also happened to me once with a little chambray button down, but did I learn? DID I?)

(I did not.)

Shopping is terrible and exhausting and only really fun when you don’t actually have to do it. But the thing is, if I don’t have to do it, why would I do it?

Because I have three events coming up this week, that’s why.

Shopping for something specific is even worse, sending people (me) on wild goose chases for the seemingly obscure perfect outfit that only exists in a parallel universe – a universe that you experienced that other time, when you found the perfect outfit, but didn’t buy it because a) you didn’t have “a reason,” and b) it’ll be there next time, right?


Even the most basic of basics become impossible to find when there is a need, or worse, an event. I put together one fun little outfit, but realized my black maxi skirt was a little worse for wear. No biggie! Black maxis are everywhere! Target always has black maxis! Except when you really need a black maxi. Then all you will find are racks of cuffed sweatpants and white jeans.

Need a light navy cardigan to replace the one that you wore a hole into? Sorry. Need a light gray open front sweater (also known as a cardigan, but I didn’t want to out myself as a cardigan junkie) to replace the one you left at that coffee shop? The one that you’re pretty sure belongs to a man bun-wearing hipster now? Nope. A plain black pencil skirt, for Christ sake? Thou hast forsaken me.

Lesson of the day: Buy the dress or the cardigan or the whatever the hell it is that you see and love and can afford, especially when it’s on clearance for 12.99. I visited a second location, and they had TONS of the same dress. Maybe tens. But I found it, and I bought it, and I bought some boot socks, and I used a coupon and saved $10, so BAM.

Updates coming soon on what I wore to these events, because it’s NaBloPoMo (day 3 in the bag!), and I’ll need the post material.

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  1. OMG I KNOW THIS. I need pants. As in slacks for work. Everything is skinny or cropped. WTF, stores? I just want some tan and grey slacks. Why is this so difficult?? All this to say, I feel your pain, sister.

    1. Doesn’t help that I KonMari’d my closet over the summer and threw out all of my outdated slacks and khakis. But the good part of that is that everything left in my closet was something i really loved.

  2. I’m a total cardigan addict. Complete.

    And yes, shopping for an event is impossible! It’s a good thing I have way too many clothes. O_o

  3. Clothes shopping to me, contains these steps:Go into a storeFind an area that has the kind of clothing that I wantEnsure that I’m looking at a rack/whatever that has clothes priced in a range that I’m willing to pay for said itemFind something that I like enoughFind something in my sizeBuy the thing.Then, when there isn’t something in my size, buy something that I don’t actually like but fits because I know my sense of fashion is sucky, anyway.

  4. I like to go to the mall and look around, but only when I have no desire to buy. When I need something, I hate going because I know full damn well I won’t find it. When I want something but have no money, I’m not going because window shopping is stupid. (Also, my cardigan collection, year round, rivals the stock of any store preparing for fall.)

  5. I hate shopping. Hate it. Especially for myself. There is nothing like trying to decide if something really does look good and if you really do need to spend the money and if you’ll regret either buying or not buying later. It is exhausting.

    1. Yup. Even if it’s an event, I have a hard time justifying spending the money. And then someone says, “Ooooh, what shoes are you going to wear?” and I’m all “F&^#!!!!!”

  6. This is so familiar to me that it made me a little sweaty and stressed to read it. Good thing I rarely leave the house anymore.

  7. This story is all too familiar, and yes – WHY are staples hard to find? I laughed at the cuffed sweatpants and white jeans thing. Who is wearing white jeans, and why are there so many of them? I have learned to snatch up that one thing I think I love. Then I go too far in the other direction and periodically have a closet full of clothing that I thought I loved, only to find that I hate it all.

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