some stuff: exhausted edition

I am not exactly sure what I was thinking committing to NaBloPoMo. November is pretty much the worst month to attempt to blog every day. And no, I am not one of those “write 5 posts at a time and schedule them out” kind of people. I live in the moment. Lucky you!

I am busy this week and super exhausted from having so little downtime and I am running on a lot of this:


So. I figured I put together Some Stuff for you.

Speaking of NaBloPoMo…

My husband is trying to convince me to do this. With less than half the distance we did in 2012 and zero chance of getting electrocuted, I’m considering it.

Listen to Your Mother season is beginning! 41 cities in the US and Canada, and yes, Kristin and I have signed on for our third year producing the show.

One of my favorite David Sedaris essays ever.

Kristin had a lovely piece in the Washington Post: A man and his dog were harmful to me. And yet I stayed.

I’ve been especially off my game this week (maybe longer…), so I really related to this piece from Allison Slater Tate: Tell them your mom tried.


A good coffee shop is not that hard to find. The Austin Chronicle called my friend Heidi their “favorite new writer.”  !!!

Adios, Day 5.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

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  1. Good luck with tough mudder….just don’t get that ecoli that people were getting from the mud.
    But I really like you so I need to tell you because my cousin is a nurse and she always tells us, DON’T DO THOSE MUD RUNS because she works in the ER and sees a lot.
    Like, A LOT.

    But I am sure you will be fine.

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