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On Mondays I pick Rachel and Claire up early from school to go to therapy. I love these early pickups because it gives me a rare opportunity to just hang with the two of them for a couple of hours. You’d be amazed how the dynamic changes when you have just one less kid with you. One fewer kid? IDK.

This photo makes me LOL every time. Perfectly captures their personalities.
This photo makes me LOL every time. Perfectly captures their personalities.

Today the girls were chattering on about how Claire got to invite a friend to have lunch in the classroom with her. She invited Rachel. They watched Magic School Bus and were having so much fun they almost forgot to eat. I was so proud that she met her goal and achieved the reward, and it warmed my heart that the friend she decided to invite was her sister.

When we told Christian about it at home, he said, “Well, you either get the carrot, or you get – ”


Today they got the carrot, but seriously, what the hell with the random idioms I did not realize we were teaching our children, and by “we” I mean my husband?


Zoe worked for 2 hours straight this evening on her “hide the turkey” project. This girl is a hard worker. She was determined to color the turkey EXACTLY like a real one, asking to see actual photos for reference, not cartoon clip art versions with multicolored tail feathers. Eventually the large amounts of impending brown got her to relent to some color.


“Zoe, you sure are working hard on that!”
“I know, right?”

Kindergarten: Now with 100% more sass.

And just so you know, she did 100% of the work on this, which I always encourage with my kids, but I do remember a couple of years ago maybe helping a little with a princess dress and a pirate disguise. But she did this from start to finish with no guidance, and her solution to hiding the turkey is so logical it’s scary.

“Scaredy Turkey flew over the fence to hide from the farmer so he would not get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.”

She really is my clone.

hide the turkey project

It’s important to me that you (and the kindergarten teacher) know that I realize it says “Paste tab under top of turkey,” but that’s what happens when you jump right in and don’t wait for help. She gets that from her dad. She didn’t need it anyway. I’m not in the business of crushing dreams. I did enough of that with the other two when they were in kinder. KIDDING. I think, although that kind of thing may have driven me batty back then. Yay for personal growth!

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  1. Bahaha! That last paragraph made me laugh. Love her solution!!

    So, uh…. What does that even mean about the carrot and the stick???

    1. Something about a donkey carrying a load, and the rider is holding a carrot in front of him and a stick behind him, over the donkey’s rear. The donkey moves towards the carrot (reward), while trying to move away from the stick (punishment).

  2. I’m not going to lie – the directions on that turkey project give me anxiety. Paste the tab under top of turkey? What does that even mean?! Kindergarten homework is too intense for me.

    1. I must explain. It’s a 2-part turkey. She had to cut out each part, and then glue them together, hopefully with the tab not showing. Now the kindergarten teacher thinks I am dumb.

      1. I am so glad you explained this. I was thirty seconds away from Googling this kindergarten turkey project. I’m glad my kids were in kindergarten during a time when parents were expected to be dumber than they are now.

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