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One of the things I love most about blogging – or at least about how blogging used to be a few years ago – is getting a dose of a slice of life. Sometimes these slices were similar to mine: small children, maybe even twins, and sometimes they were wholly different. Like people who had leisure time.

Tuesday I participated in #OneDayHH, hosted by Laura of Hollywood Housewife (talk about a wholly different lifestyle). I love this day each year because it reminds me to document the daily happenings of our life, mundane or not. Here’s a glass of water I am drinking! Yum! Tuesdays are my least busy days – the day we don’t have therapy or any extracurricular activities. I love having something to go to in the afternoons, but I also love having no plans so we can just chill all afternoon.

#onedayhh work from him hand to hold

After taking the kids to school, I usually jump right into working. Tuesday I was working on blog and social media stuff for Hand to Hold, a nonprofit I work for that provides services and support for families who have been affected by prematurity and/or endured a NICU stay. I run their blog, Preemie Babies 101, as well as the PB101 Facebook page. I really enjoy what I’m doing, and the work this organization is doing is amazing.


The glass of water I promised! Some coworkers and I got together for lunch to bid one of our coworkers goodbye and best wishes on a new endeavor. I’m still fairly new to the organization, but I’m enjoying getting to know these ladies and soak up their knowledge of this line of work.

ANYWAY, we went to the Hyde Park Bar & Grill, which also happens to be the restaurant to which I went on my first date with a college boy, mere days after moving here. I’ve been there only a handful of times since, but it was nice to be there as a grownup. Mainly becauseĀ I am old enough to order alcohol!

dolce vita mural austin

I parked behind Dolce Vita Gelato & Espresso Bar, facingĀ this super cool mural. One of the things I love about Austin is how much art is everywhere.

austin 38th & lamar

Holy crap, when was the last time I was at 38th & Lamar? I used to work a few blocks away from here and navigated this area every day. This corner used to be a strip center, housing several local businesses. Looks like businesses are still going in on the bottom floor, but it’s so slick-looking.


Zoe went to a play date after school, so I had these two all to myself. It was actually my first time sending one of my kids to someone’s house that I don’t know really well. Claire thought it was so unfair that she didn’t get to go too, but life isn’t fair. Then to really drive that point home, she stood in an ant pile.

They ate a little snack, drew a few hundred drawings, and then I relented to iPads because I had to fold laundry and not hear any more begging to take them to the craft store.

And yes, the Halloween decorations are still up, and there’s a random ladder in my living room. Realness.

adult coloring book meditations through coloring

Opened the front door to go get Zoe and found this little surprise! I could definitely use some meditation. And it came with teeny tiny pencils! Review coming soon-ish.


2nd grade homework: measuring in feet and inches. Kill me now.

I really really suck at teaching my kids. I’m pretty sure if I had a curriculum that told me HOW to explain these concepts to her, I wouldn’t flounder so much. But my inabilities mixed with her apathy pretty much make this torture.


“Fingers do not go in your butthole.” That is a thing I just said. Tell me you have to say these things too.


Please to explain how I ended up with two of these jackets in my house, when this is not an item I have bought 2 of. It’s like the time I picked up a crumpled up black t-shirt off the living room floor, only to find out it was NOT a t-shirt that anyone in this house owned. It had an awful ornate cross on it, like the kind you see bedazzled on the butts of “fancy” jeans, but this one wasn’t bedazzled. And it smelled like someone soaked it in cheap cologne for days. It was by far the creepiest thing I’d ever found in my house, because where the fuck did it come from? We never found out.

Anyway, these were different sizes, so I knew which one to send back to school.

carrie bradshaw sex and the city

Christian was out at a work thing, so I painted my nails and crawled in bed to watch the very last episode of Sex and the City. I’ve been binge watching the whole series on Amazon Prime for the past several weeks. If you haven’t watched it from start to finish, I highly recommend it. Season one with it’s lack of internet and cell phones is pretty historic, and when you watch season one and two episodes back to back, you have a hard time figuring out why Carrie’s so stuck on Big, because he’s such an a-hole to her. And every season I said, “Ooooh! I want Carrie’s curls!”

So that’s your average Tuesday around here! What’s your day look like?

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  1. Ohhhh, SATC is my favorite show ever. I’ve watched it start to finish at least twice and have watched random episodes approximately 6,592 times. That last episode. MAN.

    Again, this is totally my house/life. You’re my people.

  2. I remember the last episode of SATC. I sat still, staring at the tv, and Carlos very gently came behind me and took the remote, saying, “I’m sorry for your loss. Would you like another drink?” (I did the same with The Wire though.)

    I would LOVE to watch it straight through. Also, I have a finger in the butthole story but I am so not telling it here. I’ll have to find you elsewhere.

    1. I miss them! It’s been the same with any show we’ve been way into. It felt different this time, maybe because I watched the episodes all together.

  3. This is fantastic! This is the kind of post I want to read and the kind I want to write.

    I did the SATC marathon about two years ago. We added HBO to our cable Bill just so I could … and then we got into True Blood,

    Holy CREEPY on the cross shirt. EEK!

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