sick day, kind of

Claire started with a nasty cough on Monday, the kind of cough that gives you pause to think, “Should I actually send this child to school with a cough like that?” But then you see she has no fever and after shoveling down an egg, a bowl of chocolate Cheerios, and a banana (and still asking for more), you tell yourself she’s fine! Really. Kids cough. It’s what they do. If there is a crowd of kids and one of them isn’t hacking up phlegm, then you probably live in a better neighborhood than I do. Just kidding! Coughing knows no class distinction.


Anyhoo, the cough has been consistent, but it hasn’t kept her down at all, until Tuesday night, when it actually kept her UP. She wandered into my room at 3-something in the morning, crawled into bed with me, and proceeded to toss and turn and toss and turn (awesome) and squish me up against Christian (who was snoring, so double awesome).

Sidebar: One of the things that has really become obvious since we realized Claire is a sensory seeker is the fact that she has a really hard time getting settled and she often claims that her bed isn’t comfortable. In the past I would have brushed this off as a lame excuse, but after learning more about sensory issues, I realize that the poor girl just really must have a hard time getting comfortable sometimes.

I eventually took her back to bed, but she got up again at 5:22 and came to lay with me. I remember the time because that’s exactly 8 minutes before my blasted alarm goes off.

Homegirl needed to get some rest, so I took my pillow to the couch so my alarm and subsequent 3-4 snoozes wouldn’t keep her awake. Only she followed me, sniffling and coughing, because she just had to lay with me. Cozy mom problems. So we crawled back into my bed, where she told me her voice didn’t work, and then she tossed and turned and tossed and turned, while my alarm went off every 9 minutes and I kicked Christian every 6 minutes to get him to stop the damn snoring. If I hadn’t been so fucking tired, I would’ve just gotten up long ago to avoid all the annoyances.

Deciding let someone stay home from school because they “don’t feel good” is one of my least favorite calls to make. I am terrible with instincts, so if there’s no fever or vomiting or massive head wounds, I say go to school. But this time I figured no voice + nasty cough + the strep notification that was sent home last week = good enough to stay home.

Plus there was that time I decided to listen to her plight of a sore throat and stomach ache and let her stay home (sick!), only to be made a sucker and take her to school after I found her running circles around the living room with Zoe (not sick!), only then to receive a note home that one of her classmates was diagnosed with strep and the common symptoms were a) sore throat and b) stomach ache. We went straight to the doctor and came home with one strep diagnosis.

So if she was going to stay home today, we were going in for a strep test.


It was negative.

She was playing on the trampoline by the afternoon.

And running up and down the street after her bath in the evening.

So not so much a sick day as a “I got to stay home and draw and watch TV and play Dad’s iPad all day” day. With bonus chocolate sandwich for lunch.

I don’t regret keeping her home. The cough was super nasty. But I don’t often get this kind of one-on-one time with my girls, and if this is one way I can get it, then so be it.

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  1. Henry has had a cough all dang week. He stayed home two days because of the stomach stuff, but I sent him back after that (actually….he asked to go back). His cough still sounds terrible but he’d probably be out until Thanksgiving if I let him stay home just for that. And we’d both lose our minds.

  2. The La was battling something VERY similar . . . in fact, every now & then, she was even sporting a fever. But, within an hour, her temperature was always back to normal, and aside from the cough, she had no complaints.

    But the cough was keeping her up at night.

    And therefore keeping us up at night.

    But, well, it went away. No idea what it was, but I’m glad it wasn’t anything more severe. And the same on your side — hope she’s doing alright now.

    For the “Stay home because you don’t feel well,” I know my own instincts — I typically chose to stay away from any populated place when I’m not feeling so well, just because, well, I hate being the reason anyone was ever sick. My kids are young enough, though, that school feels like “a treat,” so they’d never ask to stay home . . . we’ll see how much I trust my instincts versus their own want to “not be at school.”

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