fun facts about me


I judge people who speed through school zones.

I don’t cut through parking lots.

I pace circles around my living room whenever I’m talking on the phone. It helps me concentrate on the conversation.

I spent my formative years (4th grade through high school, pretty much) attending dog shows with my parents. I participated in Junior Showmanship for a few of those years.

I can’t drive a stick shift and have no desire to learn.

I love candy corn.

I will kill just about any plant you send my way.

One of my extreme and unusual talents is parallel parking.

I’m also really good at inserting duvets into duvet covers, so I honestly don’t know what all the fuss is about.

Working retail in high school and college made me super anal about folding t-shirts.

I can’t stand tea. Why tea when you can coffee?

I never brush my hair.

Using a computer mouse is pretty much the only thing I can do with my right hand.

I do not understand the appeal of country music or bath robes.


Fun facts about you?


NaBloPoMo November 2015

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  1. Oh how I love this. Totes stealing this idea and doing my own soon. #NaBloPoMoProbs

    I am ALSO really good at parallel parking. High five!

  2. Funny and interesting tidbits about you. Have been enjoying your blog for awhile. I have 3 kiddos -including twins- and judge people who drive through our neighborhood too fast.

  3. Dog shows, huh? What kind of dogs did y’all compete with?? I’m not good at parallel parking unless I have A LOT of room and no one is watching. I can do a three point turn like nobody’s business, though.

    1. We had miniature schnauzers. It was something my parents kind of fell into, and my dad still does it from time to time. It was my life then, but now it seems kinda strange.

  4. I love posts like these!
    I vote that posts like these should be written at least once per month by every blogger or we like totally lose our license or something.

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with Candy Corn — see, I love it. Like, I love it way too much . . . so if I eat any, I want more, until I’m not feeling so hot, and then I can’t stand it.

    I switch to tea after my morning coffee, simply because it’s less caffeinated, and, well, I need *something* to keep me going, but if I drank as much coffee as I do tea – well, I’d be able to see sounds.

    Country music — well, I have a newfound appreciation of “classic country,” mostly because I rebelled against it as a kid because that’s what my parents listened to. Modern country, yeah, don’t get it.

    1. Modern country is definitely terrible. If you like to old stuff, you may like the Old 97s. They’re an alt-country band who draws inspiration from Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash and all those guys. Especially in their older albums (Hitchhike to Rhome and Too Far to Care are my favorites).

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