things that are good/need improvement

THINGS THAT ARE GOOD • I’ve had 1.5 glasses of wine, AKA “typing is hard right now.” • My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are visiting for Christmas. It’s hectic and crazy, but the good kind of hectic and crazy. And my kids keep calling their aunt Maddie or Michelle or Jenny, but her name is in […]

Austin’s Trail of Lights + ZiP Fast Pass Giveaway

We love Christmas lights, and we love Austin-y things, but can you believe we hadn’t been to Austin’s renowned Trail of Lights since Rachel and Claire were babies? Yup. Their first Christmas season, we hauled them downtown and pushed them through the Trail in the double stroller. We marveled at the displays; they had absolutely no […]

this actually happened (a dental nightmare)

So let me break down the last week. a)    NaBloPoMo ended unceremoniously, since I skipped out on the last few days. I didn’t mean to, but being out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, coupled with my lack of planning and a dash of laziness, made finishing the month out less than desirable. I’m always […]