an airing of general grievances

47) Remember when I lost almost 20 pounds on an ultra low carb plan, eating practically nothing but meat and cheese and salad (with once a week carbs)? Because I was committed and NEVER cheated? After we went on vacation in June, I had a hard time being 100% diligent about tracking my eating. I mean, what’s a spoonful of Nutella here and there? (It’s delicious, that’s what it is.) I wasn’t gaining, but I wasn’t losing either. I took a break from the plan in October, after being on it for 6 months. Now I’m back on. Or I’m supposed to be.

I was supposed to start back up again in November, but for some reason I cannot get myself back in the low carb mindset. I’m not tracking my meals, and I’m sneaking fistfuls of Pirate Booty, not to mention all the holiday sweets. And I can’t make myself care. My weight is slowly creeping back up (I do care about that. I worked hard, yo!). I keep telling myself TODAY IS THE DAY I WILL START FRESH. And then I eat a cookie.

The good thing (uh…) is that since I’m not used to eating sugars and carbs, I feel like complete crap, which after going almost completely berserk this week (started my holiday baking, equal parts YUM and UGH), is a good motivator to cut that shit out again. I’ll let you know how it goes. Unless I completely crap out on myself again, then I’ll quietly mope in the corner, me and my extra pounds.

3b) Christian. I love him. He’s amazing. But he made a grave error in booking his mom’s flight, and she ended up with two return flights from Austin to Minneapolis. It was just miles and not real $$$, but we had to spend extra miles to fix it. He was so pissed at himself, and while I was slightly irritated (also relieved it wasn’t me that made the error because WHEW), I couldn’t add to that grief. So I turned into the “we all make mistakes” cheerleader. That’s what marriage is all about, folks. Unless we’re having to pay another actual $500 for a flight. Then I may not be so cheery.

Article iv) We’re getting new floors soon, so GREAT IDEA let’s paint the walls before we get the floors installed! Because December isn’t stressful enough! I’ve disliked the majority of our wall color since we painted it, but painting is a lot of work, so we’ve just lived with it for almost 10 years. We also have a red accent wall that I used to love, but I pretty much got over that about 6 years ago.

This is not the gray you are looking for.
This is not the gray you are looking for.

We selected a nice gray (too light), then selected an even nicer gray. This is also where we find out that painting at night is not ideal unless you want to wake up to find patchy spots all over the room! Yay for second coats and new baseboards and floors that aren’t gross!

Epilogue) I don’t know how much longer I can work as much as I am. I know it’s my own fault for taking on more work than I’m fit for. I guess I have some decisions to make, but decisions are hard, so I’m going to avoid it for a while, or until I implode. See also: Waking up with massive headaches from all night jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

How I feel most days.
How I feel most days.

What’s up with you? Feel free to air your general grievances!

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  1. Where do I even start……
    I don’t want to start because I don’t want to think about all of mine.
    Can you just come paint my walls?

  2. Don’t beat yourself up! Carb Night can be a challlenge, but so can not buttoning your jeans! If I can be of any help, I’ll motivate you to get back on the low-carb bandwagon. And I promise not to eat your almonds this time. Love you.

  3. I started a painting project too. falalalalanuts.

    I also still have yet to really do christmas shopping. OOPS.

    1. Ooh I want to see. Our gray is a good gray, but I still can’t tell it if’s THE gray. But it’ll have to be for now!

  4. I can’t EVER stick to a diet for more than a couple days. Waaaa. I’m impressed that you did the low carbs for so long.
    My grievances are mostly about being tired. I used to be a night time is the right time for anything and everything and I could stay up forever and get so much done kind of person but now that I’m working part time I have to be in bed by 10 p.m. Um, what? I hate it. I miss staying up until 1 a.m. when everyone else was asleep. I would read blogs, write blogs, actually reply to emails and just chill. Maybe I’ll adjust soon and be able to stay up until 11 or midnight a few nights. lol.

  5. We have a blue accent wall in our living room which I LOVED when we did it 5 years ago. I still like it, but isn’t it funny that probably 5 years from now I’ll hate it and wonder what I was thinking?

    P.S: I am straight up eating a big hunk of ham as I read this.

  6. I want to do no carbs.

    I want new floors.

    I have a splint guard for my clenching.

    I become a cheerleader too but it’s secretly me saying THANK GOD ABOVE I DIDN”T EFF UP.

    We are the same person.


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