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As a part of the Netflix Stream Team, each month I talk about what I’m streaming online. What should I watch next?

In the last several years of TV watching, we’ve had kids’ shows, and we’ve had “Mom and Dad shows.” We’ve sat down with the girls to watch a kid-friendly movie, and a lot of times we enjoy it, but it’s been rare that we’ve been all in on something as a family.

Until now.

great british bake off netflix

I started watching the Great British Bake-Off (titled the Great British Baking Show in the US and on Netflix) a few weeks ago at the suggestion of a friend (thanks Cathy!). Since we never watch live TV at home (not even the news or the Olympics, I KNOW), I haven’t seen a reality-type show in forever, and I forgot how much they can suck you in. No, baking contestant, don’t throw your creation in the trash! I mean, who knew baking could be so dramatic???

luis GBBO great briish bake off netflix

When I got tired of waiting until bedtime to watch it, I invited Claire to watch with me one afternoon. She’s always loved to cook and bake, as much as I can let her help me without everyone else begging to add their own contribution. And what followed was some of the most important and highly cherished individual time I’ve spent with her in a long time. She always jumped at the chance to watch an episode with me. If I headed to the living room, she’d instead drag me to my bedroom, where we could snuggle up in my bed and watch.

Plus it inspired her to come up with her own concoction. So watch out, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry!

She had 3 of these, varying heights, displayed on a plate in my fridge for DAYS.
She had 3 of these, varying heights, displayed on a plate in my fridge for DAYS.

What I loved about the GBBO is that while it’s as dramatic as baking can be, it’s not over the top, Real Housewives drama. British people are so charming! The judges are straightforward, but still kind. There was no bickering or fighting amongst the contestants. Incredibly humble, they all supported each other to no end. Even when there was the slightest hint of an altercation, the affected baker chose not to rip on the other contestant, and no mention was made of it in interviews. No additional drama was created. It was good, wholesome, delicious television that we were all equally interested in.

Also, I’m going to need to see Jordan and Iain in a new series called Hipster British Baking, please and thank you.

I could only hope to be half as passionate about anything as these people were about their baking. I mean, I bake a mean sugar cookie, but when you talk about yeast and rising and gluten activation, I’m out. I’ll shell out good money for something I didn’t screw up.

So now that we’ve finished the season (which is from 2014, FYI, not a current season), we need a new cooking/baking show to watch together. I want it to remain light hearted and feel-good. Netflix gave me a lot of recommendations, and I think we may try out Cupcake Wars. I’d really like to stick with baking and stay away from the Gordon Ramsay-esque drama.

What are you watching?





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  1. My friend Rebecca loves that baking show and I have it on my list so I need to watch it.
    Right now we are stuck on the murder documentary so need to knock that out….no pun intended.
    I tell you, Ella and Claire would get along so well.
    Ella started watching Cupcake Wars on Netflix ALONE.
    Just one day we come into the family room and we were all UMM WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING??
    “Cupcake Wars, Mom”
    Now she sucked me in and we sit on the couch for hours and watch it.

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