we have a new [robot] baby – bObi pet

Hey! This post is sponsored by bObsweep, who graciously sent me one of their robotic vacuums to try out. I promise you, it’s fun.

Well I didn’t mean to write about unclenching myself and then take a two and a half week long hiatus from my blog, but that’s exactly what happened. But the good news is I am feeling much less clenchy, thanks to some mental prioritization and some great lunches with great friends who let me vomit all of my troubles onto them so they can say wise things to me like, “Girl, you need to chill.”

They didn’t say that. But they did say some really wise and nice things that actually helped me chill.


You may remember that last November we went floor shopping, and then decided to get those floors installed like 10 days before Christmas, meaning before that we decided to paint the entire house. It was not stressful at all, having to move every bit of furniture from the living room out to our back patio, including the already decorated Christmas tree. And then move it all back in except for my giant bookcases, because it just feels so airy in here, and those heavy bookcases really weighed down the place, and now I have boxes and boxes of homeless books.

Marie Kondo would be be proud of me. Not so proud of the fact that they’re all sitting in my garage until I figure something out.

The floors look amazing. But here’s the thing. When the installer guys ripped up the carpet, there was a layer of fine dust on the concrete. We asked if it was disintegrated carpet pad. He said, oh so eloquently, “Ah, no. That’s dirt. From your feet.”


When we decided on dark floors, everyone – EVERYONE – said that the biggest pain was that every single piece of dust or dirt or hair or minuscule skin particle would show. But when the floor is clean, it makes the house. They were right on both counts. We have a little fluffy sweeper pad that we can run around the house if we need to clean in a hurry, and the amount of crap that collects in a 24 hour period is amazing and also gross, considering when we had carpet I would pretty much wait to vacuum until I could not stand it anymore. (Christian was the vacuumer and usually did it on weekends, but sometimes the burden did fall on me, and what a burden it was.) So now we get to see exactly how much dust and debris was collecting on our floors all this time. So fortunate.

Not long after we scheduled our floor installation back in December – like maybe a whole day later – the people from bObsweep offered to send me one of their robotic vacuums, the bObi pet, designed specifically for homes that may or may not have massive amounts of pet hair floating around.

And I stared at my email in disbelief for a moment and then said, “YES PLEASE.” Because did you read the part up above about me waiting until the end of days to clean the floors? Now I could have someone to do it for me. Laziness achievement unlocked.

The bObi pet came with her – yes, it’s a girl! – own birth certificate, which was enough to convince the girls that they had a new sister.

bobi pet robotic vacuum

This little thing is so sleek. She (yes, I will continue to refer to the vacuum as a she, because it humanizes her, and robots need love too) has a simple interface on her…face…where you can tell her to GO! (run rampant around your room using her complex cleaning algorithm that rivals Google) or WAFFLE (stick to a smaller area for spills, or in my house, “Who was eating crackers right here and missed their mouth several times?”) or JUICE, which sends her home to her charging station.

bobi pet robotic vacuum
Before waffling this poor, neglected area under the toy box
bobi pet robotic vacuum
After waffling. Good job, bObi!

My favorite thing to do with bObi is to pick up all the odds and ends around the living room – which seems much easier now that we have less furniture in the room – and just let her run around and do her thing for a while. If she starts running low on battery, she’ll send herself home. You can even program her to clean at the same time every day. I am a creature of inconsistency, so I haven’t taken advantage of that just yet. The only time bObi seems to have trouble is around dark pieces of furniture, which is disclosed in the owner’s manual. She gets a little confused around the dark wood media center, which sits a little off the floor, but not high enough for her to go all the way under.

bobi pet robotic vacuum
She also sometimes makes this easel her bitch, dragging it across the room, but no biggie. MOVE ALONG.

bObi came with a side brush that kicks dirt and debris away from the wall so she can then suck it up, an extra filter, and a microfiber pad that you can wet with water or cleaning solution. Yes, she will sweep and mop at the same time (although the mop pad doesn’t retain enough fluid to mop a large room). She has sensors that detect dirt and dust, and UV light that disinfects as she goes.

I mean, I never planned on having another baby, but I guess if my girls were going to get another sibling, it may as well be one that cleans, right? bObi, you are here to stay. We love you. Just remember who cleans your filter. Because I love you the most.


bobi pet robotic vacuum

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  1. I can’t believe it, but you just made me fall in love with an inanimate object. I have friends who use such a vacuum–programmed to run from 9-10 a.m. each day–and it’s saved their marriage (two dogs in the mix, you see).

    Like, I want to send a Valentine to this sweeper.

  2. She’s so cute! She has your eyes. I could feed a family of 4 with the food my children spill under the table after a meal. Do these come in a jumbo size?

  3. After our fire three years ago, we replaced allll the carpet upstairs with hardwoods.
    Dark dark dark hardwoods. It seemed like a good idea at the time but we have three people and two dogs with blond hair living here.

    I might need one of these bobis because I don’t want to burn my house again 🙂

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