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As a part of the Netflix Stream Team, each month I talk about what I’m streaming online. What should I watch next?

How was your January? Mine went well, thanks for asking. I’ve been able to mentally prioritize things a bit, which basically means doing my best to balance work and household stuff, and not feeling one bit guilty if I have to take a power nap before picking the girls up from school, and also not stress-eating all of the Nutella. It sounds simple and very “duh,” but it’s taken quite a bit of mental shuffling to get me here.

What I’ve learned about myself these past several months is that I am not one of those women who can go! go! go! all the time and still stay standing and sane. I mean, I already knew that about myself as a mother (more than one outing a day with the kids exhausts me, mentally and physically), but now I also know that about myself as a woman in general. So it just means I have to work harder to prioritize my tasks so I can make sure to work in a little me time – reading, writing, and of course, sleeping. All in the name of self care.

I read a blog post the other day about an amazing Star Wars themed birthday party, and while I was all, “Whoa, that is COOL,” I was also all, “Whoa, that is a NO.” My kids are lucky if I remember to plan their birthday party far enough in advance to actually book a venue and send invitations. One year I procrastinated so much, Zoe had her February birthday party in March, and the twins their March birthday party in April. I mean, part of me wants to be the mom who throws that kind of rad shindig, but the real me knows that I will half-ass it because I just can’t care that much about it. It’s not who I am. I am not a party planner. I WILL make the cakes (I make awesome cakes) and throw some Pirate Booty on the table, but any more than that is asking too much of myself. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

The best part of any party is when it’s over. Spoken like a true introvert.


So what am I watching these days?

fixer upper HGTV Netflix

YOU GUYS. I have drank the Kool-Aid.

I first caught Fixer Upper at our hotel in Dallas over Thanksgiving (I am thankful for cousin sleepovers and child-free hotel cable). And since I’ve started watching season one on Netflix, I am convinced of one thing:

Chip and Joanna Gaines can do no wrong.

He’s bumbly and funny, she’s gorgeous and relatable, and together they are just plain adorable. I don’t even hate her for being able to look fabulous in a plain gray tshirt and jeans, raise 87 children, keep chickens, design a boss house, and maintain a garden. She is the girl crush of the moment for all of us.

But there is this:

Maybe I just haven’t spent enough time in Waco. Maybe….I’ll stick to Austin. (Still love you, Gaineses!)

Black-Mirror- netflix

Black Mirror caught my eye because Jon Hamm was on the image preview. There. I said it.

Black Mirror is a British series that uses speculative fiction to examine themes such as technology and modern society. None of the themes in the show have happened, but it’s not hard to see how they could someday be a possibility. For example, a woman signs up for a service in which she can receive emails from her deceased husband, using technology that mimics his personality via his presence on social media. The show is definitely interesting and a little creepy, but not nightmare creepy, because I don’t mess with that American Horror Story crap.

Galaxy-Quest netflix

In honor of the late, great Alan Rickman, I’m adding one of my favorite movies that I don’t watch nearly enough. Galaxy Quest is kitschy and fun and has so many great quotes. Tim Allen and crew are a bunch of washed up actors who once starred in a hit space television show in the 70s. An actual alien race contacts them asking for help, thinking they are honest-to-goodness space adventurers. It’s fantastic.

I can’t tell you how many times my old co-worker Michael and I would walk by each other and say, “We nnnnnneeeeeeeed your help!” If you haven’t seen it, you won’t get it. So watch it.


Christian also watched and enjoyed Marco Polo. We usually enjoy watching historical fiction together, but didn’t get into it. And of course, I watched Making a Murderer like the rest of the world. I still have no idea if Steven Avery is guilty, but I do carry strange affections for Dean Strang and the Silver Fox reporter.


What are you watching?

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  1. Sons of Anarchy, which is the last show I ever thought I would watch. I’m obsessed 🙂 I blogged about it, even.

    Also, I know nothing about Waco, but they *do* make it look amazing on that show. Maybe if you just went from Gaines’ remodeled/decorated home to the next Gaines’ remodeled/redecorated home…

    1. We started Sons of Anarchy, but never had the motivation to get more than 3 seasons in. Maybe we’ll pick it back up again.

      So the parts of Waco that *I* know are not great. They do have a great zoo and lots of cool touristy stuff (Dr. Pepper Museum, Texas Ranger Museum, Baylor University), but I had a friend who lived there for a year or so, and she hated it. But those home prices make me DIE every time I watch it.

  2. It’s fun to see the new stuff out there because I may or may not get to it a couple of years late. I saw Galaxy Quest when it came out and thought it was hilarious.

  3. Can we just start a new trend where it’s uncool for kids to have birthday parties and save ourselves from the pain and torture?

    We just finished the last season of Parks and Rec. I never saw it and needed closure. Dang I love that show.

    1. Augh, we stopped watching Parks & Rec when we cancelled cable! Need to go through it from the beginning now, I’m sure.

  4. I ah-hate birthday parties. Giving and attending. I don’t even care.

    I am still trying to finish Parks and Rec (last season, holla) and need to catch up on some shows that have started up again (Downton, Suits, Shameless) and I’m waiting for Girls and I’m eyeing 30 Rock on Netflix. I miss Tina.

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