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Sometimes I get overwhelmed at life. Springtime is SUPER busy for us, between Zoe’s birthday in February, Listen to Your Mother auditions, casting, and rehearsals, Christian’s birthday in March, and Rachel and Claire’s birthday also in March. I always have something to do, and that makes me anxious. So today I’m just escaping here to do a little rundown of things that are good in life, and things that could use a little improvement.


• Spring came early this year. We had an unusually warm February. Warm days are not uncommon in a Texas February, but neither is going from 76 degrees one day to snow the next. It looks like it’s here to stay, and since I cannot function in anything under 54 degrees, I find this quite delightful.

• Things are moving along swiftly in Listen to Your Mother world, and we’ll be announcing our cast soon!

• I’m running again! Sometimes pain free! I’m training for the Statesman Capitol 10,000 and hoping to finish before they kick me off the course.

• Texas Mountain Laurels are in full bloom. They don’t last very long, but while they’re here, they’re heavenly. When the girls were babies, I used to take them for sometimes twice-daily walks around the neighborhood. Back then the smell of these flowers reminded me of walking around the UT campus in the springtime. Now it reminds me of walking my babies around the neighborhood and how nice it was to be able to strap them into something where they couldn’t get out. #memories

texas mountain laurel
How they look is no comparison for how they smell. Think grape bubble gum heaven.

• I’m unclenching a bit by letting go of a contract gig I’ve had for a while. I really enjoyed it, and I’m sad to say goodbye, but I’m looking forward to being able to focus on my other job and maybe have a little more free time. Or at least some stress-free, clench-free time.

• My grandpa is turning 91 on Easter, and we’ll be there to celebrate!

• It’s been raining for days, so today I just let the girls come home and watch movies after school while I helped Zoe with some LEGO building and cleaned some of the neglected house. These are admittedly some of my favorite days.


• House of Cards is legit awesome this season.

• I am obsessed with this band Shearwater. They’re from here in Austin, and I’ve been listening to them nonstop when I’m working. Catch them on Spotify here. Please don’t get too popular so I have to stop liking you.

• I saw Doc Brown yesterday.

back to the future time machine



• At this very moment my cat is walking around and yowling for God knows why. He’s definitely deaf, probably going blind, and likely has a UTI. I need to take him to the vet. Christian wants to take him to a field far, far away. We are both tired of cleaning poop out of the bathtub.

• It’s been raining for days, and I miss the sun.

• I whined the other day to a writer friend that I couldn’t even manage to make myself write for 10 minutes a day. She calmed me down by saying she “only had 2 kids.” I love it when people justify my crazy home life, even though I only have one more child than they do. But I do wish I was writing more.

• Most days are pain free, but my back does get cranky here and there after running. Every time it makes me want to throw in the towel and say, “Enough! I will never recover fully and be able to run again!” And then I think of that guy who could barely walk, and then he got super into yoga and can now run and is incredibly fit. Too bad I’m too lazy for yoga.

• Rachel’s voice has changed a little since her tonsillectomy. We expected that, but I didn’t expect it to be so….[insert word that means awful, but won’t hurt anyone’s feelings when they inevitably read this in 10 years]? When I was a kid, I never really understood what authors meant when they described someone as “talking through their nose.” Now I know. Let’s just say that at the end of a long day, it’s not my favorite sound.

• I got my kids to donate a few stuffies to the school carnival…..where they promptly played the Stuffed Animal Walk game and – you guess it – brought home more stuffies.

• I was a total bitch to the cashier at Lowe’s today. When I contested the price of some fabric bins I was buying, she asked if I could go get the tag (I’d already been waiting in line forever). When I did, she informed me that it was for a different FUCHSIA FABRIC DRAWER, even though the FUCHSIA FABRIC DRAWERS I grabbed were the only FUCHSIA FABRIC DRAWERS in the vicinity and the tag was right underneath them. I get that errors happen and retail sucks, but man, was I cranky. I’m not naturally a bitchy person (depending on who you talk to – this cashier would definitely five me full on bitch classification), so I felt bad.

• Fuchsia is an unnaturally hard word to spell.


What’s going on in your world?

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  1. Man, I would give anything to have some grape bubble gum smelling flowers growing in our neighborhood right now,
    Does that make you feel better about the Lowe’s incident?
    But it has been unseasonably warm here in Chicago too.
    Not 76 warm but 50’s warm.
    You would still be cold though.
    Don’t go to MY Lowe’s.
    I really like my lady there and don’t want you to make her cry.
    I KID, I KID.

  2. Hi Leigh Ann, what a great local blog to discuss family life and all things Austin! As a local Austin dentist and mother, it’s fun to see how a fellow Austinite is juggling motherhood and their own work. Spring break is a great time to catch up on all of your children’s appointments! Spring did come early this year, but fortunately the weather this week looks like it will cool off again soon. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Oh man, I feel you on the stuffies, we are overrun over here! And sometimes I get them to get rid of a few but then more just come. They are multiplying. Like rabbits. 😉

    And the azaleas are amazing here this year, must be all the rain. I love spring flowers!!

  4. I love your list of “things that are good,” in particular the part where you’ll get to be with your 91-year-old grandfather on his birthday. On Easter. As the granddaughter of a kick-ass 97-year-old I just saw this past Sunday, I send my happiest wishes to you all.

    As for the stuff that needs improvement…yeah. Those accumulate and linger. If it gives you hope, I don’t remember Jack’s voice staying different for long.

    Hope the running feels good, your cat gets relief, and that every once in a while you can sneak in those ten minutes.

    (Just promise not to beat yourself up when you can’t. YOU’RE BUSY!)

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