what I’m watching: royalty & more edition


As a part of the Netflix Stream Team, each month I talk about what I’ve been streaming online. What should I watch next?


A couple of weeks ago the Queen turned 90, to much fanfare and celebration. Then a wee Prince George in a wee bathrobe met President and Mrs. Obama. Then we read an A – Z Mysteries book called The Castle Crime, which was the most unbelievable work of fiction. I’ll believe that the Queen wanders around Windsor Castle without security – amongst the tourists – the same day I’ll believe that kids named “Dink” and “Ruth Rose” consistently solve crimes every time they set foot outside the house, and the police are like, “Yeah, damn, you cracked the case before our detectives, and we are totally okay with that!”

Anyway. Speaking of Royals.

I watch Netflix most when I’m folding laundry, and I’m almost folding laundry. This past couple of weeks I pulled up a series I’d seen popping up here and there, The Royals.

the royals

It all fascinates me – the history, the opulence, the traditions. Each episode covered a different aspect of life in the Royal Family, from weddings and funerals to scandals and babies. There was some repetition and a touch of TMZ-ness about it, with most of the interviewees acting like they were the family’s BFFs, but all in all, it gave interesting facts about the world’s most fascinating family.

shawshank redemption netflix

I found myself home alone one rare weekend day, and after I took a nap (requirement when home alone on a rare weekend day), I felt too lazy to do anything else but pull up some Netflix. My profile had a category of 90s movies, including The Shawshank Redemption. I don’t know about you, but back when we had cable, I could never NOT watch The Shawshank Redemption. Turns out that’s still true.

Other movies included in the 90s category included Rounders, Forrest Gump, A League of Their Own, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (so good at the time; so bad now) (RIP Alan Rickman), Cruel Intentions, The DaVinci Code….so many options.

For quirky/funny, pull up Documentary Now. I’ve only watched a few episodes, but as far as satire goes, it’s very well done.

documentary now netflix


What are you watching?


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