thank you, TV

A few weeks ago we joined the early 2000s and purchased an HD antenna.

When we cancelled our cable years ago, we just never made a point to getting one, mainly because the whole reason behind canceling cable was because we weren’t watching TV. Like ever.

But I did want to watch some things, like breaking news, Presidential debates (not too excited about that this year tho), the Olympics, or Hoda and Kathy Lee getting drunk on Today. I am easy to please.

Well it’s finally happened. We are the proud owners of two smart televisions (does it sound less dorky if I say smart TVs?) with Roku or something like that (one courtesy of Netflix, one courtesy of…ourselves for Christmas 2014).

Honestly, Christian got the Roku and the HD antenna on the living room TV so he could watch the NBA playoffs. That’s what it took, folks. My begging and pleading to educate myself on current events? No. The chance to watch the Spurs get killed by Oklahoma? Absolutely.

Anyway. The kids had experienced live TV in hotels and at my parents’ house, but in their own home, it was a game changer.

Basically, I had to explain what a commercial was.

First they assumed something was terribly amiss.

“Mom, something’s wrong with the showwwwwwwww!”

Then they expressed their first world problems.

“How do I pause this?” (Because no, we still don’t have cable, therefore no DVR.)

Then they got smart.

“Dad, we have to get this candy! I saw it on TV!” (Dad let them get the candy.) (Dad = sucker.)

And they started catching up on current events too.

“Mom, the Angry Birds movie comes out on May 19!”

And my favorite…

“Mom. I saw this on TV. Bounty cleans up more spills. You should get that.”

Live TV = magic = brainwashing = solidifying Mom’s role in life = good job, Don Draper!


That’s basically my kids, every time they come in contact with fluids.

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  1. I hate commercials geared towards kids. I remember enjoying them before I had kids, never feeling pandered to, because I had no money to buy what they were selling. I enjoyed the silly ones, especially. Now? Z knows more specifics than me about toys and what 800 number to call to get them, movie release dates, and the power of Windex.

  2. I just sat and watched that kid pouring the milk waay too many times. I like how the jug was never even upright. I also like milk. I forgot how to write blog comments. HELLO LEIGH ANN I HOPE YOU ARE WELL.

    1. I don’t know what’s better: that I was so happy to see comments from you, or that I’ve been blogging so irregularly that I completely forgot I wrote this post and when I saw the title, I thought, “WTH was that about?”

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