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You guys, the end of school is so, SO close. That means two things: 1) we’ve already said goodbye to the “get to bed on time!” hustle and bustle, so we’re staying up a little but later here and there, and 2) I’m pretty much behind on everything, including the laundry. Both of those mean we’re watching a lot of Netflix. It is my laundry-folding partner, after all.


As a part of the Netflix Stream Team, each month I recap what I’ve been streaming online. What should I watch next?


In regards to staying up later, sometimes Christian and I get the crazy idea to watch something for ourselves while the kids are still up.

I know. We are rebels.

But we try to make it interesting, so a few nights ago we pulled up Remote Survival.

remote survival netflix national geographic

Now I am not one for reality-type shows at all, but this one has an interesting premise: Two separate people are dropped off in the middle of nowhere with only the (extremely high tech) clothes on their back and a backpack containing some survival gear. Oh, and they are surrounded by strategically placed cameras and wired in to a survival expert who talks them through pretty much everything they need to know: what direction to head, how to get across rough terrain, whether or not the water may be safe to drink. It’s still a challenge to the competitors (who aren’t really competing, just trying to get to their end point), even if some of it seems a little staged (really, perfectly placed animal skeleton that would work great as a shovel?).


I finally gave in and watched the second half of the first season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I have no idea why I stopped watching it, other than maybe I have commitment problems (just ask any project I’ve ever started). But I’m so glad I finished it. Jon Hamm as The Reverend was the BEST (did you catch the “I’d like to teach the world to sing” line?). But Jane Krakowski’s Jacqueline is my favorite.

unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt netflix stream team



Christian started watching AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies a few weeks ago, and we’re both hooked. Netflix currently has the first two seasons of SPIES! TREACHERY! TREASON! PASTY BRITISH MEN WEARING PASTY WHITE WIGS! What more could you want?

Oh you want a good villain? Look no further than Captain John Simcoe. Such a jerk. If you are a history nerd like my husband and like to drag your spouse down with you, it’s definitely worth a watch.

netflix stream team turn washington's spies
FYI these people aren’t usually all hanging out together, unless there is shooting involved.


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  1. I think I forgot to finish watching Kimmy Schmidt too. I only remember to keep watching shows that feature urgent, real world issues – like zombies and/or giant dragons. Haven’t you missed my riveting commentary? I MISSED YOU TOO.

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