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As a part of the Netflix Stream Team, each month I write about what I’m streaming. What should I watch next?


The other day I received this email from my husband:

netflix greys anatomy

I mean, if you ever are wondering if you married the right person, whether or not the alert you to the airing of your favorite shows is up there on the “desired traits” list. The person you love can’t just leave you to figure these things out on your own like a savage.

I started watching Grey’s Anatomy about 8 years ago when I had infant twins and lots of nursing time on my hands. Not only that, but I started watching the then current season, probably season 4, and catching up on the past seasons via Netflix DVDs (this was when Netflix streaming was still fairly new). It was confusing and exhilarating and so much ridiculous and fun drama. We took a break a few year ago when ABC.com started asking me to sign in with my provider to watch (I don’t have a provider! That’s why I’m watching on ABC.com!), but in a fit of boredom and curiosity, I started catching up once again on seasons 10 and 11.

And now season 12 is here! What has Meredith been up to since Derek’s death (over which I am STILL kinda like, “What were you doing there, Shonda?”)? Will April really go back overseas into military life? Will Jo stop being so annoying? Will Meredith ever smile? (Not just since her husband is dead. I mean I literally don’t think Ellen Pompeo can smile.)

Deep questions.


orange-is-the-new-black-s3-cast netflix stream team

Since we’re talking about playing catch up, I also dove back into Orange is the New Black. I abandoned season 3 about mid-way, for no other reason than I was bored with it. (Confession: I cannot STAND Piper. She is easily the least interesting part of the show.) But so many people completely lost their you-know-what over season 4, especially the finale, and I couldn’t read any of the articles or spoilers about it because I am a purist, so here I am. Catching up. Hoping for less Piper, or at least a more interesting Piper, because I would hope the writers would give her more substance than┬áselling undies and having crushes on all the other prisoners and being completely self-absorbed.


Also, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but a little show called Gilmore Girls is coming back for a reunion? All 7 of the previous seasons are streaming on Netflix. I’ve been a Gilmore Girls holdout, but this is when I usually have to relent and jump on the bandwagon because I want to squeal and squee about Rory and Luke and Dean, and honestly, I have no idea who any of those people are. I just picked names out of the character list.

SO…should I watch it or no?

gilmore girls netflix stream team
These two are the Gilmore Girls. THIS MUCH I KNOW.


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    1. Okay FINE I will give it a shot. And your issue with Parenthood was my issue with Bloodline. I can’t watch Coach Taylor NOT be Coach Taylor. I especially can’t watch him being a total jerk.

  1. I had a similar watching arc with Grey’s: was devoted then fell off around season 10 when it just became…I don’t know. Too much? Too different? Too the same?

    I have since caught up on all three seasons this summer. (Hello, procrastination!)
    There’s some good stuff and still the usual FRUSTRATION. (No spoilers but some of these relationships are just…WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!)

    As for Gilmore Girls, I liked it and my daughter and I watched two-ish seasons, but then the precocious dialogue (constant) and maybe the “too much the same” thing kicked in and we both lost interest. I tend not to worship at the idol of some of the most popular TV shows and wonder how so many people can be addicted when I’m “meh.”

    If you watch GG, I’d love to hear what you think.

    1. The precocious dialogue is what has been keeping me away, I think. I and the same issue with Dawson’s Creek. I will never forget Dawson saying to his mom, “Mom. You have to get out of your perpetual state of melancholy.” WHO TALKS LIKE THAT?

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